I was the friend hiding in the bushes, witnessing a moment between two people.. the proposal. Some how James and I ended up being “best friends” over the past years. The season of life has changed for me and now its his turn. I was excited and yet nervous for him as he asked his girlfriend… Read More Proposal

Big Sur

Many warned me about the wedding day going by fast. The months prior I worked on every hour the day would hold. I prepared for the worst case scenario and over stocked on items like toilet paper. I’ve been thinking of this day since the first time I watched Cinderella on VHS. What I didn’t expect was to not “feel” like… Read More Big Sur

Photography Style

I started teaching myself photography when I couldn’t find the type of photos I needed for design work. I read websites and discovered photographers I wanted to be like. I asked friends if they would let me photography them to practice. I copied other photographers and found myself struggling at shoots. It wasn’t until this year, nine years since… Read More Photography Style