I wanna bring beauty and inspire you to create.

Everything that I make I want to inspire others, they can make something too. When I share music and my record collection, I hope you are introduced to some amazing artist and albums. When I write blogs, I hope to share with you the struggle it can be in order to be where you want to be. And when I work in the creative field, I hope to make work that makes a difference in the world. I am Monie (Monica) Muse (Inspiration).


My channel focus on record collecting, discovering new music and hunting for used vinyls. See on Youtube home page.


I share life lessons from my career, the goals I’ve overcome, and personal milestones.


I’ve been a video creator for many years, and a personal family photographer. I display my work here.

Create because you can.

Monica lopez

My name is Monica Lopez and I make videos and taking photos. I love being creative, and worked in the creative field for 15 years. I’m currently home raising my daughter, and make YouTube videos about my record collection and music with my free time. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.