m o n i e m u s e

My name is Monica (Briano) Lopez, nicknamed monie , and muse because my life mission is to be an inspiration to others. I am an After Effects motion designer, video producer and photographer. I’ve worked in the creative field as a video editor and motion graphic artist since 2003. I have over fourteen years of experience in post production, motion graphics, creating content, developing live production videos for conferences and directing live events. I enjoys working with other artist, and developing creative teams.

I became a photographer after I bought a film camera from a thrift store in 2008. I soon started to take photos of my friends and really enjoyed capturing life. My photography style is candid, I try to look for the real moments in life and capture them for people to remember how they felt. I enjoy taking photos of families, weddings, senior photos and events.

I am currently creating youtube videos on the channel; youtube.com/moniemuse and freelancing. My goal is to awaken the creative heart in everyone I come in contact with.

2019 I decided to stay home with my daughter while my husband worked to support us. It wasn’t easy to leave my position as a video department director, but I knew it would be worth it to be home with my daughter. I am now using my skills as a freelancer and photographer.

Feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!


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