Monica Lopez

Before I ever had a job title, a website or instagram page, I created. Back when no one saw my home made tv shows, or hear my attempt to be a radio deejay with my tape recorder, I created. Back when you had to pay for each photo you ever took, I wished for a camera with unlimited film because I kept taking so many of random things, it was hard to decided what was photo worthy. The dreams I had growing up were paths I stepped into. Who would have thought, the person who encouraged me to go into the creative field as a profession was a classmate who paid me to do his art project. What I do I do it because I love it, getting hired is just a nice life bonus.

Here are my labels: photographer, videographer, video editor, film editor, motion graphics artist, interviewer, documentarian, graphic designer, multi media manager, video director, producer, storyteller, blogger, writer, department director, project manager, creative coach, youtuber, instagramer, and my greatest label; wife and mother.

Connect with me by email or Instagram @moniemusepro for a quote or information