Traveling to New York City

New York City, its the place everyone wants to be, its the place where it feels like everyone lives. Walking on the crowed side walks, navigating through the traffic, the city is the world’s runway of the world. This is the place where people have fun with their public self, they become who they always dreamt of becoming.

The buildings, themselves inspire us that anything is possible. Every landmark has a story, and sometimes they require deep respect, like the two World Trade Center fountains. The place was filled with people from every nation, it has now become a hub for humanity to be united.

The last time I came to New York was seven years ago. Nothing seemed familiar to me, it was like I was seeing the city for the first time. The last time I was here my life was so different, I was different. Walking the city with my husband, it reminded me of how life can surprise you.

I always dreamt to live in the big city, work in media for fashion or film. I’ve always identified with Felicity, a tv show that aired when I was in high school. I loved that she got up and left to a new city and created a whole new life for herself. Watching her life, she taught me how I can live an adventures life. It’s by making a decision to do what your heart is telling you – regardless bank account or logic. Taking those steps of faith to do what you really want to do, and all you need is an excuse like Felicity following her crush. My city was Sydney and I left to leave my past behind me. I am glad I pushed myself to live that experience, I found peace following where God was leading me. It set me up for the next chapter of my life.

My favorite part when when we went to watch a movie in the park. It was amazing at how easy it was to show up and suddenly become a New Yorker. We ordered food, talk to people in line, found a spot to sit and show famous people walking around (of course, too cool to notice.) As the sunset, my high school self was speechless. “Monica, you are in New York, and sitting next to you is your husband.” Gus had no idea what a special moment this was for me. He sat watching the movie laughing at the cartoons they were showing. If my life were a movie, and it involved a story line with time travel, my character would travel to this moment.

The city had us walking everywhere, learning how to work the subway, and sitting next to strangers. It was exciting to see what would happen each day, we loved overhearing conversations…New Yorkers tend to yell when they are talking.

We kept asking ourselves, “Would we move here?” We never really said yes or no, I think Gus and I are always open for an adventure, our work has always been the most important thing to us, so if the work were to lead us to the big city, I’m sure we would jump at the chance. One thing we will miss, taking the subway everywhere.

As I was sharing photos on Instagram, I knew what it looked like – my life is perfect. Just weeks before I had to face a few battles that if I didn’t pay attention to, it would defeat me. I look at our smiling photos, and know behind the smiles are two people who are fighters – inside and out. No matter where life takes us, together we will sit together. My adult life didn’t take me to New York. but its taken me to a place with love and hope, and for that I am thankful.


Travel to New Orleans

The beginning of a new journey requires an openness to expect the unexpected. What fun would it be if all answers were given to you. My greatest desire is to see a new world, to meet strangers that can become friends. The art of travel isn’t having the perfect irtenery, its in the moments of getting lost and the random moment I discover something new. It’s creating memories that will return to me and take home that make travel worth it all.

When we take the time to learn another’s journey and see the battle fields with our own eye, that generations after are still fighting. Their stories open our hearts and now have a name and a face to stories that were told to us growing up.

The company of friends, the connections we grow as we walk the city, drive the highway and fly through the clouds, together we make everywhere we go, home.

New Orleans is alive and well. History happened here, and the community’s will to overcome has once again made the city come to life. Its a place where strangers work together to create music, to sing above the hardships many had to face through out history. The ghost of the past haunt the streets, but its the life of the present that brightens up each street corner. If you stop to smile, you will receive a smile back. We walked the fields of slaves, visited a house of slaves owners, and felt the aches of hearts broken at the cost of profits. It was the sight I saw the day before we left that help me process history’s ugly past,  there in front of me was a couple who was black and white ridding bikes together along the Mississippi River. I am fortunate to be part of history, for I myself am free to travel the world to see the stories of others unfold before me.

Finding inspiring 

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was go to the video store with my dad. We would take our time discovering new movies, and talk about the ones we already saw. Today, with modern technology that experience has disappeared. 

Don’t get me wrong , I’m grateful we live in the future where any movie, book or article can be found online. With one keyword you can be connected to everything on that one subject. But how do I find the random things? 

Today I decided to go to the library. I haven’t been to the library since elementary school, being in this space again reminded me of having to do boring book reports. I was about to leave when I came across the art section and pick up a book on comic strips.  It was fastening to read about the history of comic strips. They were created for a generation in need of stories when they didn’t have a television or a digital library. Comic strips were in newpapers and today we see how it captured what that generation was feeling, thinking and their great desires. As a modern storyteller, I search to create the same connection with my videos. The art of storytelling is the same but the platform has changed. 

I never realized how we enjoy stories today, all started with a humble comic strip. It is easy to get caught up with the production of a story,  most of us don’t have expensive equipment but what we do have is a pen and paper.