Capturing the Energy

My friend recently asked if I would do a photo shoot with his pregnant wife and his little girl.  I accepted knowing that I would be able to capture some beautiful moments.  I researched around to see what other photographers were doing with the task of a pregnant woman. And to my surprise all of them were alike.  It seems that every woman wants the Demi Moore photograph. But that wasn’t my style or taste.  I wanted to tell a story of love, to display the beauty of a woman awaiting her new child.  I wanted it to be as real as possible and not “set up”.

I pass by this old church every day to work. Since its been raining a lot here in California this past winter, the grass was green and the sky was blue.  Since film captures color so well, I thought I would try this place out for the photo shoot.  I came across a few different difficulties.  First, by the time everyone was ready the sun was now bright and harsh.  Second, the wind.  With these elements I had to adjust and use it to my advantage. Another was the energy of the little girl.  She didn’t want to stay still, so I told her to play.  The photos of her playing and being her self ended up being some of my favorites.

As for the young mom, she was great. She took direction great, not feeling awkward with the camera.  Instead she pretended I wasn’t even there, which I love.  It’s then I can really do my best, I can now observe and capture love.

Expecting Mother with daughter
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