What makes a great Photographer?

What makes a person a great photographer? OR what makes a great photo?

Having their own personal watermark?  Knowing how to crush the blacks?  Snapping a photo?  Does owning an SLR make you a photographer?  A wise Mexican man once said,

“You become a professional at a trade when you get paid to do it.”

A friend shared with me when I asked him this question – and I agree – that,

“A great photographer makes photos that get looked INTO not just looked AT.”

Another fellow photographer friend, who captures some amazing life photos says,

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.” I like to think, at least when it comes to artistic value within a photo, that it’s not the quality, it’s the content.

So my goal as an artist isn’t to own the best camera, be over booked, work for a Hollywood studio or even get paid thousands of dollars for my work, but it is…

To have my work mean something and  to share the story across the earth.


Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. I’m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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