Inspiring Artist/Editors

Nick Khoo

Senior editor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. He is my mentor and he is very talented. I say he belongs in Los Angeles, but instead he has devoted himself to the vision of the global church.

WillBeRain Artist

I came across this great artist on youtube and since then became great friends with her. She is very talented with great imagery videos and amazing drawings.

Julia Pott

The moment I saw Julia’s artwork I contacted her asking if she would design my first tattoo. She is great to work with and her drawings are amazing. She also has some awesome animation films. I love her style and work!


I have found this young photographer from New Zealand to be inspiring and encouraging. Her work is breath taking, original and creative. She is only 17 but far ahead of her peers. I enjoy her personal work more than her personal shots.

Sean Cannell and Jeff Moors have put together . They gathers resources to bring hope, spark creativity, and empower ministries, churches, and organizations around the world.

The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang

A great book to learn the art of photography. The book gives great insight, ideas, tips, and piratical advice on how to take stunning images.

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