Journey to Salvation Mountain

Niland, California // 200 miles from LA.

Being a city girl I was amazed at how many stars I could see at the Mecca camping ground. As I set up my tripod to take some photos of the sky, I snap my first photo and laughed as it was just a black screen with one white dot on it. My friend then helped me figure out night settings.

That night my friend and I went to check out the Salton Sea. When we pointed the flash light to the ground to watch our step, we found that we were surrounded by hundreds of dead fish. The next morning we went out and snapped some photos. The smell was so strong that when we returned to our camping ground we had to blow our nose in order to get the smell of dead fish out.

Niland is this small old town, it almost a ghost town. We followed the google map directions which lead us to a dirt road. When I saw the painted mountain in the distance it felt pretty surreal.

Right away we were welcomed by Leonard, the creator of Salvation Mountain. He began to tell us the story behind the mountain. You can check out my film shots Road Trip to Salvation Mountain (35mmFilm) and some more writings about the place.

I loved when he told us the story of the blue birds, he was so passionate about it. He explained that he spent years on creating a tree but only a few minutes on the blue birds. The birds were see on “Into the Wild” and are now world famous.

Its a beautiful and inspiring place to visit.

An older couple in Santa Monica told us we had to go and see Joshua Tree.  But before, we stop in the middle of no where and played with our echos.

The drive through Joshua Tree was long but was worth it. I never knew the desert could be so beautiful.

The warm sun and the cool air made us both so sleepy, and since I am a great friend, I drove home. Sal snapped a few photos of Palm Springs.

Camping was really fun, I highly recommend it.

Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. I’m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “Journey to Salvation Mountain”

  1. I miss not having more of your pics to see, but the few selected are really awesome pics that I will have be satisfied with these.

  2. These pictures are great. thank you so much.
    My friends and I are planning on doing a camping trip down there this weekend, and i was wondering where this camp ground was. It says salton sea… do you remember the name of the campground? did you like it?
    I would love your feedback if you could.
    Thank you so much again

    1. Thanks. Actually its Leonard’s birthday this Halloween weekend. He said people from all over the world are going to be there and are going to camp at Salvation Mountain. My friends and I camped at Mecca Camp grounds which only cost $20. It’s an hour away but they have showers, restrooms, fire bits and tables. (Mecca, California 92254). Let me know how your trip goes!

  3. Where did you camp at Joshua Tree? I’m going there this weekend as well as Salton Sea and Salvation Mt. Any tips on where to set up a tent? THX!

    1. Oh wow, I’ve been wanting to go back for a visit. Its really a great place. I stayed at the Salton Sea camp site called Mecca Beach. Its about an hour away from where Salvation Mountain is. The camp site has restrooms, showers and fire pits. When we went it cost $25 to park our car and camp there. One tip, bring a flash light. My friend and I walked towards the water and came upon dead fish – lots of them. haha. Have an awesome time!

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