Photoshoot: My First Guy

This morning I was excited to see the rain stop and the sun peaking through the clouds. I was in the mood for a creative photoshoot but had no model. I thought who I could get in such late notice. I wrote in my small note book, “I wish people were more outgoing and spontaneous.” On my way to work I remembered Drew. I hadn’t seen him in years but I messaged him on facebook to see if he would be keen for a photoshoot.

After church I went to lunch by myself and sat at the park. The sky was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. I could feel my 35mm L series lens burning in my camera bag. I thought about going up to strangers at the park but chickened out.

I then got a text from Drew, he was more than willing to be my model! I was excited as he would be the first guy I ever took pictures of. I wanted to see what type of photos I would take. Drew has a great style, personality and look. We did a photoshoot with the outfit he’d had on and grab a hat from his car.

This picture set came out amazing! I  love how in some shots you can see the rain starting to come.

You can click on any one of the photos to see more.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I like the background and the light. Congrats.
    Keep up the good work. I wish you luck with your career. You’ve got an incredible CV.


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