Photoshoot: Olivia

This weekend I decided to rent a 24mm L series lens to see what it can do (or to see what I could do with it). I found it difficult to take portraits but it was nice to capture some wide shots. It actually challenged me to get creative with space. I usually shoot with a 50mm lens which cause everything being so close together.

I asked one of the young girls, Olivia from church if she would be my model. I had filmed the youth a week ago and liked the way she looked on camera. I took us to Little Mountain Road in San Bernardino. At one point the sun was only hitting the top of the mountain so nicely that I couldn’t help but look over to Olivia and ask, “Think we can climb this?” She smiled and lead the way.

Here is our adventure.

Click on any of the images for more. It was hard to pick a favorite.

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