Family Photo Picks

This season I wanted to exercise photographing more than one person. What I didn’t know was that I was going to exercise working with small children. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I got the shots the family wanted, but like one photographer once said, “Get the shot then let the creative fun begin.”

The Garcia Family.

While editing the photos, I came across this shot that I couldn’t help but just look at. The way the baby is looking at his father is so intense. It’s like he see’s himself in him. His whole identity he see’s in his fathers eyes. In his fathers arms he is safe. I love the smile of the dad’s face. He delights in his son and he sees himself in his son’s eyes too. Beautiful.

The Lopez Family.

While snapping photos, for a second they forgot I was there. I sat back and watched this young family interact with one another. Watching these young parents help their son walk and the joy on their face,  I knew I was watching love.

The Carrillo Family.

My beautiful Dez, who’ve I’ve grown up with is now a mother and wife. I was with her in her journey being pregnant with her daughter. Its amazing that her little girl is now five years old. I love this picture of them together. For me, it represents the hope that was once not seen but is now alive and smiling with beautiful brown eyes.  Amaya.

The Perez Family.

This photo shoot was the hardest! It was raining, my nephew was in a bad mood, and my sister’s husband didn’t wanna take pictures. It’s a miracle I was able to get the shot. When my sister printed her Christmas cards with this photo on the front, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that I took it! My parents have never really said much about my work. In fact they just smile and walk away. But when they saw my sisters Christmas card they couldn’t help but express to me how much they loved it. For the first time I heard my parents tell me how much they liked my work. My mom even got excited and said how I can do this professionally.

Oh what a journey taking family photos have been. It can feel almost impossible to gather up the kids and dress up the husband, but thanks to the women of the house, family photos will live on in the heritage of their family.

Merry Christmas.

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