Do you hear Him?

Everything speaks, and everything is saying something. It all  depends if you are listening.

Dec 18 2010 : While hanging out with my friend at the Thrift store we found ourselves exploring the electronic section. We began to find old electronic that used to be part of our daily lives. The once cool popcorn maker was now an artifact from the past. The phone with a cord was now a part of a distant memory. One moment I was a kid playing with a radio recorder and the next I am 27-year-old looking at the same radio recorder at a thrift store.

I began to think about time and how fast it passes us by. How we don’t even notice it’s going by. This is what I heard that night as I thought about my day,  “Monica, what are you going to do with the time given to you? The years are flying by, you don’t have time to let fear control you.”

Dec 22 2010: In the morning I checked my Facebook and saw a christmas card a friend had posted up. It was a photo of him and his wife with a little chiwawa dog. I wrote a comment about how I dislike those dogs. He wrote how I would love his dog. I responded, “I was bit once before and ever since then I’ve been scared of those dogs.”

That night at church I was reminded of that photo and my responds, “I was bit once and I’m now scared.” I started to think about the things in my life that have “bit” me and I am now scared of. I heard this in my heart, “Just cause you got bit once doesn’t mean you will again. Its time to let go of fear.”

Dec 23 2010: My mom came in to my room and showed me picture of my great grand parents. I’ve seen this photo many time hanging on my grandpa’s wall but for the first time I noticed something new. As I held the photo in my hand and looked at my great grandmothers face, I noticed I had her jaw. Looking at this woman, my great-grandmother, who is a stranger to me, made me wonder what other elements I have inherited from my ancestors.

I wondered where I got my creativity from, or my love to travel, my nose, my ears, my eyes.. I then heard, “You are unique, many generations took part in making your DNA make up, you were created for such a time as time.”

Dec 26 2010: Every song on my ipod was annoying me during my drive home from my friend’s house. I couldn’t seem to find a song that I enjoyed. Finally the worship song, “None but Jesus” came up. It reminded me of 2005 when I was living in Australia. I was at Hillsong Church when they recorded that song live. I remember standing on the side of the stage just worshiping and loving God with all of my heart. I had worked so hard to get there and I wasn’t going to take it for granted. Everyday that I was in Australia I thank God for making a way for me to live there.

I began to remember how hard I fought for that dream. Everyone said it wasn’t going to happen but God would always remind me not to give up. I fought for that dream and I thought, “Its time to fight for my dreams again.”

Dec 27 2010: This morning I woke up with a heavy heart. I then was reminded, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverb 4:23. I drove to work thinking how I need to protect my heart from all the negative things I have been thinking about myself.  When I got to work I knew I needed to listen to something positive. I opened a podcast and saw, “Guard Your Heart” by Kong Hee. He then mention 2 Timothy, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Everything that I have heard from God this month, was summed up in this little verse. At work one of the Pastors came and said hello. We started off with small talk, but with a Pastor small talk always leads to a deep conversation. We then began to talk about exceptions that I might have for my future husband. We made jokes but before he left the conversation he said, “Who ever you marry, make sure he can hear from God.” And that my friend, has been echoing inside of me all day.

I began to think over how God speaks to me. The interesting thing is that God speaks to me all the time and yet I’ve never heard His voice. I wonder how God speaks to you, and if so what is He saying?

He is speaking to you all the time, do you hear Him?

Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. I’m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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