Photo Shoot: Urban

Every day I drive through the worst part of San Bernardino in order to get to the freeway. Its a city that is run down with old signs and small hole in the wall mexican restaurants. The city is seen by many as ghetto, and its true it is, but even in the ghetto there is hope, inspiration and creativity.

I asked my friend if he would dress up in some dark clothes and be my model as I use this urban city as my backdrop. The interesting thing is that Vincent is a football player and he is from the good part of town. I had to coach him to look mean and tough, haha. 🙂 He did a great job and even had some random women yelling hello to him as we did the shoot.

Here are some locations I see everyday on the way to work.


  1. This was a rad shoot – the wall art is framed superbly. I’ve known Vince for years and it’s really funny to see this ACA Redlands boy in this setting!! Good job, Mon.

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