A Newport Wedding

A friend of mine asked me if I would help film his sister-in-law’s wedding. He had to work in the morning and couldn’t be there. He kept texting me to make sure I was getting the shots he envisioned. I finally had to tell him to leave me alone and let me do my magic. haha. To be honest this couple didn’t need any of my tricks. Zac and Ashley were beautiful on their own. Both of them couldn’t stop smiling and staring in to each others eyes. As I watched their lives become one, I couldn’t help but notice all the love and support they are surrounded with. Now that is wealth to me.

My friend is editing the official wedding, I edited the footage I filmed and put this together for this blog. Enjoy.



  1. Hi Monica,

    Been visiting your site for a while and noticed that you used a 7D to shoot. How do manage with it without getting the battery to overheat?


    1. Hi, it’s great to hear from you. There are two things you can do if your battery over heats, you can leave your camera off for a while or replace the battery. I’ve experienced my camera getting hot once, and that is when I used it all morning. Cheers!

    1. When I showed up she looked like a simple pretty young girl, but as soon as her make up and hair was finished she became this glamorous woman. Her confidence knowing that she was about to marry a man who loved her made her beauty shine. Im sure you will shine bright on your wedding day too!

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