Photo Shoot: Brothers

This weekend I took on the challenge of a life time! -To photograph two young boys. 🙂 I told the boys to have fun and play in their back yard. Though that doesn’t sound glamorous, I wanted to capture some real moments in their childhood.

This photo that I captured, totally made me emotional when I was editing it. I pictured them as teenagers looking back at this photo and remembering how they were there for one another.

The oldest, Benjamin loved the camera. He posed for me as if he were a professional.

The youngest, loved doing his own thing. It wasn’t until he started to interact with his mom did I get the best smiles from him.

Though photographing children is a challenge, its also the most rewarding. I am reminded how beautiful life is. When looking for a song for the slide show, I came across Taylor Swift, “The Best Day.” I thought it fit just perfect.


  1. As a mother, It put me in the present when the brothers are all grown up and a mama looking back getting emotional…I cried…Ok, you caught me and I’m the “mama” of the boys. Thanks Monica for capturing my “hearts.”

  2. These photos are amazing!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! You really know how to capture the finest, realest moments!!!!! You’re getting better and better Moni.

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