Event: Yolandie’s Baby Shower

I’ve always made it a point to avoid baby showers at all cost. But Pastor Elenore asked me personally if I were going so the fact that she noticed I hadn’t RSVP made me feel special. I know I’m a diva.  Yolandie’s family is from South Africa so her baby shower was all  jungle theme. The details of her baby show were so adorable. One of the women made her a cake that was so impressive. Another made her a baby blanket that reminded me of my childhood blanket.

Yolandie was so happy, at one point she got one of the baby outfits, held it up and said, “I’m having a baby!”

It was held at my pastor’s house in their courtyard, which has this old English feel to it. I couldn’t help but offer to take some photos of Yolandie. A year ago, Pastor Deborah gave me a tour around her house and showed me the nursery . I fall in love with the window the first moment I saw it.

I remember Yolandie looking so beautiful in her wedding dress, the cool thing is that I think she looks even more beautiful as a mother to be.



  1. Beautiful indeed. Especially love the crocheted ripple blanket and the one image with the soft sunlight in the background…just gorgeous!

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