You’re Almost There

There was this song I fall in love with a while back. My friend and I would share it with each other at the end of the night. It’s called “Goodnight” by Jeremy Larson.

Today someone responded to a comment I had left on the youtube video. I was surprise at my statement.

I wrote:

I love hearing “you’re almost there”.. I just wish I knew where I was going.

I wrote that seven months ago. To think, seven months ago I had no idea where I was going. Now I am certain of the destination for the next few years of my life.

I haven’t heard this song in months, and the past few days this “lost” feeling has haunted me. Randomly, when I am watching a movie I get the thought, “So you’re really going to leave your family and live alone in a strange city?” I begin to think of all the questions I’ve been asked the past few weeks.

How? Why? Where? When?

To all those questions I want to say ,”I don’t know.” To be honest moving far away may fail but it would be a bigger failure if I didn’t even try. I know Vancouver may be a strange city now, but when I am there I know it will become home. There is a big question mark in that city, and the adventure is finding out what the answer is.

Hearing this song tonight was perfect. I needed to hear it

Remember, you’re almost there.

“…hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?” Romans 8:24

Author: Moniemuse

I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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