The story behind the pierced nose

When I was 18 I faced a very dark time in my life that changed who I was and made me who I am now. I grew up in a loving home and had a beautiful childhood. I had never faced real pain in my life. Then I experienced heart-break from a boyfriend, who in my eyes then was, “the one”. He deleted me from his life, never to be seen or heard of again. I didn’t know how to handle the emotions I felt. I had just graduated high school, legally became an adult and had no idea who I was.

At that time I began to drawing near to God. I had no one to turn to but Him. He seemed like the only one who would understand what I was going through since He could see inside of me. Everyone else saw my situation as a part of growing up, which was true but at the time it felt like the world was ending. In fact, this was around September 11 so it really looked like the world was ending.

I decided to read the bible. When I got to the story of how Isaac met Rebecca I was inspired by their love story. Abraham, Isaac’s father, had his servant look for a wife for his son. His servant prayed that he would have success on finding a girl who fit Abraham’s specific description. After his prayer he met Rebecca. She was very generous and ready to help the servant with his camels. Long story short, the servant asked her family for her hand in marriage for Issac. He gave her a nose ring and jewelery. Rebecca trusted the Lord and the servant that who ever this Issac was, he was going to be perfect for her. She knew the servant heard from God. Now that is trust.

Rebecca and Isaac fell in love the moment they saw each other. (Gen. 24)

I decided I needed that type of trust with God. I didn’t want to spend me life worrying about who I was to marry. I then asked my parents if I could get my nose pierced. They knew I was going through a rough season but had confidences I knew what I was doing.

My dad took me to this little tattoo place. The guy sat me down, pulled out a big needle and poked the side of my nose. I fainted. When I came back he gave me water. I stood up and looked in the mirror. I now had this diamond on my face. I thought in my head, “God, every time I see this I will remember my trust in you, you will bring the right boy for me.”

Since then I’ve lost my diamond nose stud many times. When I do, it feels like I lost my wedding ring. Somehow my diamond makes its way back to me. Just now, I thought I had lost it for good. It had been a week. Today, when I was doing my bed I saw something on the floor sparkling. It was my diamond.

Though the years have past and I’m still a single girl, I remember the covenant I made with God when I was 18. Since then I’ve seen Him do miracles in my life. He’s taken me to foreign nations, introduced me to important people, brought me amazing friends, and experienced a joyful life. I’ve discovered who I am, what I want in life and put my trust in God. And when I’ve dated someone and it didn’t work out, it was okay because I knew God will work something out in the future.

Today as I put my nose ring back on, I remembered my prayer to God. I’m glad I don’t have to worry. What ever your worry is in life, if you give it to Him, He will return it with peace for years to come.

Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. I’m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “The story behind the pierced nose”

  1. A beautiful reminder for when you say goodnight and good morning. The trust and faith you’ve grown to develop is in fact, true. That is something very tough to do, with God and with yourself.

    I grew up in a Catholic household, and used to go to church a lot, but I can’t say I was truly devoted. Even with that said, I still went, more so to please my mom. As I grew older, I started going less. But it wasn’t until the year of ’99 that I stopped entirely…this was after I lost both my parents in an auto accident. I guess at the time I asked God, “why?” but began to think to myself, “would an answer bring me any peace?” I just accepted the fact. Though it’s been apparent to me, that people are able to deal with life’s ups and downs (with confidence and better understanding) when they’ve committed to having God in their life (my older sister and close friend), outside of trying to figure out my own self and believing in what is immediately presented to me, I’ve never looked towards the same faith. I don’t know if I can…

    My apologies for hijacking your post. As much as I’m not one to have faith in God, it doesn’t stop me from admiring those people that do. After knowing how it’s helped my sister and friend, and reading how God has brought you comfort in your life, is it possible that faith in God is all that I’m missing, the answer to all questions that I wonder about of myself every single day?

    1. Wow, what a life story you have there. I can’t imagine the pain you felt when you lost your parents or the battles you face everyday. Life can bring such pain but it can also bring great joy.
      As a child I learnt that when I was afraid I could pray to God and He would be there for me. Since then I’ve maintained a connect to Him, knowing that I was never alone. We can do life on our own but its beautiful to know that He wants to do it with us. He is so gentle that He allows us to make up our mind if we want to, He says,
      “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Mt 11:28-30)

      Thank you for posting and sharing. I write to encourage others that through dark times there is hope.

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