Photoshoot: The Girls

I remember growing up with two older sisters. They were close and I was left chasing them. For a while my middle sister and I were close. I treasure those memories. Shooting my friends children reminded me of those summer nights hanging out with my sister. How cool I thought she was. She seemed to be the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and hope that I would grow up to be like her.

I had the girls hang out with one another as we spent sometime in the front yard. I found it easy to talk to both of them. I told them to pretend they saw a boy on a skate board falling, as soon as I said that they cracked up.

I then took them up to one of my favorite spots; the roof. The young one was a little scared but as soon as she saw her older sister go up fine, she gathered up her courage and followed along. It was beautiful seeing them interact with one another. They would tease one another and play fight. It was when I pretend I was messing with my camera was I able to capture some real moments. The young one would naturally lean in towards her older sister, and her older sister would let her.

When the older sister was just three years old, I remember her telling me how she wanted a young sister. It was nice to see them together and enjoying one another’s company.

Be nice to your siblings;
They are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future. – Sunscreen lyrics

Here are some of my shots from this evening.


  1. I told someone a story about us the other day of how i shared a room with sarah but somehow i could not live up to her neat and organized life to I ended up sharing a room with you it worked out except for it got to messy and i remember tapeing a line to separate are sides lol those we fun times we would alawys yell “MOM….!” haha

    1. haha thats funny. we all needed out space, can you believe all three of us had to share a room once upon a time. that was fun. it would take us forever to say good night to everyone.

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