Photos: Olivia & Ruben’s Wedding

Olivia & Ruben’s Wedding

The past few weddings I’ve done have been video. I usually stand behind the photographer and follow their lead. This time I was the photographer. I had vowed to myself that I wouldn’t stress out, that I would keep my cool while shooting. I’m not sure how much I kept that vow but I do know being a photographer for a wedding isn’t easy. There are many things going on at the same time that need to be captured.

For one, I felt the nerves of the bride. Olivia at one point just stood steal in the back room and watched everyone in the room panic and get dress. To my surprise Olivia seemed to be camera shy.

Soon, everyone was ready and the time had come to finally say ‘I do’. Watching the expression of the groom when the bride comes down the aisle for the first time is one of my favorite parts in a wedding.

After the ceremony I took the wedding party outside the venue to get some group shots. We were lucky cause that morning it was raining pretty hard. It turned out to be a hot sunny day.

I finally was able to get Ruben and Olivia alone together. It was cool to see how much Ruben made Olivia smile. She may be shy with others but I could tell she could be herself around him.

Inside the venue everyone was waiting for the bride and groom. I began to sweat as I was feeling the pressure. I wish I would have had more time with the couple but their fans were waiting.

Even though the room was full of people I thought it was sweet how the couple went in to their own world. They were whispering to each other and laughing. Lord only knows what was being said haha.

One thing I know is that Olivia and Ruben are indeed perfect for each other.

They lived happily ever after, cause they worked hard at it. 🙂


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