A Young Wedding

The cool thing about working at church is I never know when a wedding will take place. My co-worker asked if I would take some photos of her daughter getting married. When I saw I had a few moments with the bride and groom before the pastors came out, I took them to front garden to get a few photos of them.

When it was time for the ceremony I suggested we go down to the front of the church, where its full of beautiful trees. The bride’s mom told me about their plans for a big wedding but they were unable to do it. I knew the front garden of the church would be perfect. Small and romantic. There, I witnessed a sweet love that big fancy weddings seem to lack.



  1. I love the way you shot the photos! What settings, camera, lense, did you use? Where was this at? What time? Did you use filters or was this raw? Wat program did u use?
    Jessicah Porras
    AKA “Ms. Questionnaire”

    1. Thank you so much! Well I shoot with a canon 7D although I wish I would have saved up for the 5D. The full frame is worth the extra cost. I am currently saving up for a 35mm L series lens but as of now I shoot with a 50mm lens. I took these at The Rock Church in San Bernardino, CA, where I am a video editor. It was 4pm. I shoot raw and use Lightroom to edit my photos. There are heaps of filters your can download. I find if I shoot with the correct exposure, I can edit one photo and then copy and paste the settings to the rest with little alteration. Lightroom saves so much time and is easy to learn.

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