Two Days in Paris

An early flight and a million subways later Sam and I were in Paris. The jet lag and consent going finally got me down. I couldn’t help but want only sleep. I kept telling myself, “You’re in the most beautiful place in world, you can sleep later!”

First stop was Notre Damie

I was fascinated by how many people were in Paris. The place was packed with tourist and local city kids. I had never been in a non-English speaking country (other than Mexico) so I felt overwhelmed. I use to want to live in Paris but being here made me change my mind on that one. It made me feel so far away from home.

I continued to ignore the fact I was getting sick and pushed myself to go see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. The Louvre is probably the best art museum in the world. I felt bad for the other great paintings for walking so fast past them. My body was about to give out, I only had a hour or so before I threw up on someone. The sight of the Louver made me forget how I was feeling. It was so great and beautiful. I felt like I had traveled to another time in history.

The sight of the crowd in front of the Mona Lisa was more fascinating to me than the painting. Although I was taken by the color of the painting. Soย modern and beautiful. No reprint could capture the color of the Mona Lida.

When we came out of the museum it began to rain. It made me think of that line in, “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen about seeing Paris in the rain.

We went back to the hotel, I slept while Sam walked around the city.

In the morning I felt so much better. We woke up early to go see the Eiffel Tower. I wasn’t going to leave this place without seeing its main monument. When we came out, the crazy busy streets of Paris were empty.

We had Paris to our self. Each photo I took of the buildings looked fake to me. This place was real and I was in front of it.

And then there it was…

Call me selfish but it was nice to hang out by the tower with no other people around.

It was time for breakfast. The local shops were finally opening up. We found this cute little restaurant that overlooked the city and tower. It was a dream come true. The moment was so nice I couldn’t stop smiling.

We had a nice walk back to our hotel. It was time to head back to London. My two days in Paris was just a trailer to how amazing it really is.

Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. Iโ€™m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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  1. thank you for bringing us all with you. what a delightful little trip ๐Ÿ™‚ one thing i really liked was the photo of the exhibit of the mona lisa. we see lot’s of photos of the painting but not of the surrounding exhibit. Even if you don’t know how to appreciate the art, you can tell what it means to those who’ve come to appreciate it in depth solely on the shrine we give it:) “that belongs in a museum” ~indiana jones

  2. About now is a fantastic time to see the city – Paris in the springtime. Fresh, blooming, vital. Ques are lower, the difference being that two days can see quite a bit of Paris about now, whereas in high summer, pick a que and spend the day there. Given that there is too much to see in a week for the casual visitor, best to see as much as possible while constantly in motion (benches and cafes are so much better than standing in a line when “stationary” is required.

  3. I with family came Paris one day last July 2011 and visited only Eiffel Tower and Notre Damie. We wanted look high in Eiffel Tower but many people queued separate three entrance. What time did you came Eiffel Tower morning? I want visit Paris again if I afford my money. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you so much for this. I love Paris and would absolutely love to be able to live there. The louvre was so busy when I was there in the middle of summer but still an amazing place.

  5. you must have gone really early in the day to have the Eiffel Tower to yourself, when I went it was packed…still amazing though ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Beautiful photos! My daughter has been asking me to take her to see the Eiffel Tower since she was 3. I hope to take her this year. She’s soon to be 6!

  7. Wonderful photos. They remind me of the time we were in Paris last January. Since it was winter, not much tourists. No queue going up the Eiffel Tower or to the Louvre. It was fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Paris is my favorite place in the world and my adopted home, so I’m always glad to see other folks enjoying it. The craziness of the crowds can sometimes deter from the experience, it’s true, so it’s great you were able to also see the quiet contemplative side of the city. Love the second photo of you & la cathรฉdrale. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Paris it’s amaaaaaaaaazing!!! Did you watched “Amelie”? It’s another movie filmed in this awesome city!! The Cafรจ that appears in there it’s a real cafeteria in Paris :DD
    I love your point of view of the city, I had been there twice, once when I was a kid (I only liked Disneyland xDD) and once agin with my best friend couple years ago, Then I’d enjoyed it a loooooooot!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Amelie is one of my favorite movies! Being from southern California, I wanted to visit Disneyland too. haha But didn’t have time. I’d love to go back when I’m married. That’ll be awesome.

      1. Ohhhmg, for sure!!!
        Cali? You know I will go there next june!! It willl be my first time in USA and I will do a road trip with my cousin from San Francisco til Miami :DDDDDDDDDD
        Wich part of California are you? San Diego?? I have a freind there!!

  10. That was a really nice photo journey through Paris. I liked the way that although you visited all those obvious places to go (Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower) you did it with delicacy and really exquisite photos, taking pictures of the little details as well as the big, which really sets it apart. I particularly liked the note about finding your dream cafe in front of the Tower.

  11. Paris is pretty beautiful. You actually look like you fit there…Think about moving to Paris? It’s beautiful and all, but I don’t think I can say “most beautiful”. That title is reserved for Colonial Williamsburg. (I’m not biased, I swear)

  12. Nice post. Thanks for the pictures. We were there this time last year. The gray weather looked about the same. I had just enough of Paris to whet my appetite, so I am taking my wife back for a visit this fall. You are right about the Louvre. The Mona Lisa is famous, but not the most impressive part of the museum by a long shot.

  13. When I went to Paris last year, the Eiffel tower was a must see for me as well. Did you go up in the elevator? The view from the top was the best part of my trip.

    I hope you get to go back soon. There’s so much the city has to offer and so much to see. If you want to see a little known but amazing view of Paris, go to the Galleries Lafayette. The inside is very beautiful and the scents coming from the market are to die for, but the real jewel is the view on top of the roof. I’d also highly recommend seeing both the Rodin Garden and the Musee du Orsay, especially if you love art as I do.

    Thanks for the great post.

  14. **sigh** This made me want to go back to Paris again. I fell in love with Paris two years ago and was lucky enough to visit it again last year. I remember seeing the Mona Lisa and was shocked at how small the actual painting is. For all the times I’ve heard things about it, it’s size (or lack of) never seem to be mentioned. I remember entering the crowded room that housed it and was wondering what everyone was surrounding… only to find out it was the Mona Lisa… and compared to the other massive paintings, this seemed like a postage stamp. hahahah

    Great photos… ahhhh Paris…the food, the bakeries, the Eiffel Tower… ahhhh… I love it all! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

  16. I loved the photographs of your early morning walk when all was quiet. The reflection in the restaurant window is one of my favourites, along with the carrousel. Hope you get back to Paris soon!

  17. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures of Paris. I’ve been there once about 2 or 3 years ago and it was a great trip. Your pictures took me back in time and brought some good memories back. Thank you for that. You’re an amazing photographer

  18. Beautiful photos! I only spent a few days in Paris several years ago and loved the beauty of the city — some day, I have to go back. Looks like you hit many of the top spots. Thanks for sharing these great pics!

  19. I hesitated to mention this, but when you made the reference to Midnight in Paris, I had to smile. I’m a teacher, and my students and I recently watched and analyzed the movie. When I saw your blog title here on Freshly Pressed, I couldn’t not stop by to check it out. I’m so glad I did. I am such a romantic at heart. Your pictures are absolutely spectacular. I understand exactly what you mean about being so “far away.” For me, Paris would be another world. I long to go to Ireland. I wonder if I would share the same feelings you had with your trip to Paris. Thanks so much for sharing. I may never make it to Paris, but for a moment you made me feel as though I was there. (And thank you for the rain comment.)

  20. Amazing photos! I have also used an app to create a “collage”, much like what you have about, but my app makes my photos blurry. Can you please share how you made your collage? I noticed you are using the ENTERPISE template on WordPress. Does the template allow for this? Thank You! And keep up the amazing work! I just have to follow you now! =D

  21. Gorgeous pictures. It makes me even more eager to visit one day. It looks like you had a wonderful time and you look very parisian chic in all your pictures : )

  22. Thank you for sharing the photos. If you get a chance to go back to Paris, you must have dinner at sunset at the Le Jules Verne in the Tower.

    Also, right around the Tower is the Flower District…..great area to stay!

  23. The beauty and history of PARIS goes without saying. The pictures you displayed were just a wonderful touch of a place that most can only dream about going. Spending two days in paris just wouldn’t do me justice. I would need more. My first two days would be shopping and site seeing. Just wonderful.

  24. They’re some nice photos ๐Ÿ™‚ Paris looks great, even when the weather isn’t the best. I’m going there for the first time this summer, so definitely going to check out The Louvre! I read in a newspaper that there’s also a restaurant called La Petite Cuisine ร  Paris which is Paris’ smallest restaurant, set up by a woman from England, so I’d love to visit there as well.

  25. I have a photo of the Mona Lisa also. I was standing among a crowd of people and could not get to the front, so I held the camera above my head and took the pic. Surprise!, it came out to be the best shot that I took that day. I’ll always remember my day trip from London to Paris on the train, under the channel.

  26. Sounds like an amazing two days. Your story of waking up to a Paris free of tourists couldn’t be more ideal. I recommend you watch the film “Before Sunset” (and “Before Sunrise” first), it acts as a great love letter to Paris.

  27. I did not catch if you are still there or not. I have a friend named Lisa Falour who conducts fantastic tours in the area around Paris and often delivers people to all the free, obscure museums and sights… that’s how I became acquainted with her to begin with. Her website is but you can see some of her free clips on “slobomotion” on YouTube. Thanks for the great visuals here – Paris can make you feel a bit lonely, so it’s good you went together! -“tarotworldtour”

  28. looking through these pictures made me feel like i was on the trip with you! loved your photos. really enjoyed them. i am actually planning a trip to paris so your post made me wanna go even more. very cool stuff!

  29. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your trip. We spent two nights in Paris on March 2011 and I felt kind of the same: I had to pinch myself with all the beauty and the stunningly beautiful stereotypes!

  30. Love all the pictures! Like the previous comment said, it’s great to see the “real” pictures of Paris, rather than what we see all the time. Love!

  31. Beautiful photos! I love how you managed to get the whole of Eiffel tower to yourselves! I would definitely love that too, but I just can’t wake up early enough!

  32. Hi! i’ve never been to Paris well never been to Europe, and this 2 day trip is amazing to me, nice pics! love them, by the way do you remeber the name of the street where there’s the corner building?

  33. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Paris! Great pictures! If you want, you can check out my blog, I’ve recently uploaded an article about my favourite place in Paris ever! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great day!

  34. How were there no other people around? I am jealous! Those are some fantastic photos! I would love to go there someday :). Thanks for sharing!!

    Seriously, how were you the only ones there? Was it just to early in the morning for the people of France? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you so much! Well the day before was St. Patrick’s day. I figure everyone was sleeping in from their hang overs haha. We were out walking around by 7:30am on a Sunday. It was a ghost town.

  35. Yes, thank you for sharing those beautiful and fascinating scenes. This is also a big dream of mine. I started admiring this amazing place when I happened to bump with Annecy and Lyon. That’s where I really dreamed to visit someday…and I hope I could get there before every strands of my hair turn gray. =P

  36. Wow, congrats on making it to Paris and on being freshly pressed! You’ve captured all the sights and sounds of Paris! Pretty amazing what you can see and do in just two days eh? I’m sure your experiences there will remain in memory for years to come:)

  37. Thank you for taking us with you on your two days in Paris. It was nice to see the city again through your photos and through your eyes.

  38. I liked this post a lot, it reminded me of my tourist venture in Paris last year during July when the Bastille Day is celebrated. Its a beautiful city and the trip to Louvre also reminded me of the finest masterpieces that would forever be remembered and cherished including the amazing Mona Lisa, you look at the painting from any angle and she stares back at you no matter in which angle you are standing away from the painting. You were lucky enough not to find huge crowds in front of the Eiffel, we had to stand for a long time before we made it to the tower top! Keep posting your travel experiences, its a pleasure to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Cool pictures. How did you get away with photo taking inside the Louvre? Did you crack the DaVinci Code? How did you get all the people to stay home on that day the streets were empty? You must BLOG more about Paris to quench the thirst you created, more, more, please!
    Great post.

  40. Paris is a city of streets, museums and cuisine and you have captured that essence very well – for me it was nostalgia revisted. Love your pics – especially the wide angle ones. Thanks for sharing!!

  41. Weird. We were just in London and Paris for most of March, and from your photos I would swear you were following me. Did the gypsies do their deaf-mute scam on you? Were you staying in Montparnasse? If so, then did you go to Boulangere Jean-Paul Charbonnier?

    And I really hope you went to Montmartre and also the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Oh, and Eurodisney sucked.

  42. Wow, what memories. Plus รงa change…Paris is always the same, year after year…well, almost the same. I miss La Samaritaine and C&A. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Looks like a splendid trip. And congrats for being on freshly pressed. I have only spent a couple days in Paris, but your experience seems like a dream. Being alone in the streets seems absolutely perfect.

    Hope I can take the hubs back some day.

  44. These are some lovely photos; off to explore Europe this summer, and was thinking of skipping Paris out, but I think you might just have changed my mind! ๐Ÿ™‚ And may I ask just how early you got up to avoid the crowds?!

  45. Beautiful photos! Paris is such an inspiring city and definitely beautiful enough to run around for hours until feeling sick! Thanks for sharing..after reading this and remembering my first visit, I’m going to have to visit there again soon.

  46. Wow, I loved this. It was like a mini-trip while sitting at the computer. Paris made me feel overwhelmed, too, and I had always wanted to live there. Thanks for a great story.

  47. Great post and great pictures, Paris is a vacation that still eludes me, right there with Italy and Africa. I will get to all of these places eventually. Its either I dont have the time when I have the money or I dont have the money when I have the time ha-ha

  48. Nice photos. I still think you’ve succeeded to capture the ambience of this city. But of course two days in Paris is not enough to fully enjoy it – maybe two months would do ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the best way is to analyze the trip, read a few more guides, realise what was missed the last time, and plan a new trip involving places you haven’t seen and things you haven’t done. That’s what I intend to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Paris, in only two days! One could spend weeks, months there. The Mona Lisa definitely is an interesting exhibit, especially being as small as it is. Apparently many times when you go there you aren’t even looking at the real Mona Lisa (they have many stand-ins to help preserve its colors as well as protect from theft), seems like a trick ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The other thing that I found interesting was the Mona Lisa had an entire wall to itself, and directly opposite of it was a 10 meter large painting that everyone ignores despite its enormous size.

    Great photos and post!

  50. Great photos. Two days is a very short time in that city. My wife and I spent seven days in Paris with our granddaughter four years ago and it was one of the best trips we have ever taken. Your photos do it justice though. I honestly feel that the food from Italy and Spain surpass the food from France, as well as the wine BUT, all three and marvelous. If you have never been to Italy–you and Sam put that on your “bucket list”.

    Bob J.

  51. Sooo jealous!! I have always wanted to go to Paris and just sit in a cafe’ and eat cheese and watch people. Your pictures are beautiful! I so have to go.

    What was your favorite spot?

    1. Maybe it was the delicious breakfast but the cafe was my favorite spot. Sitting there made me believe all things are possible. Its crazy wanting to go somewhere for so long and finally being there.

      1. Hi there, Love your pics! and was researching on real write ups for a short visit to Paris.
        Whats the name of the cafe that was so cool?

      2. Thank you. The Cafe, I have no idea! We went to the one that was open early on a Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ There are heaps of cafe, I wanted to stop at all of them.

    1. All Europeans hitchhike, especially the younger ones. I hitchhiked through Europe, and it was great. All of them carry really big backpacks. The ones we carry are like baby things. There are a lot of hostels you can stay in and meet other people. The hostels are very inexpensive.

  52. i love to see such joyful expressions…….i sometimes forget how much fun travel can be …..i see the two of you gushing and remember why i do what i do. stay happy

  53. Ok, how come Paris was so empty that day you took those pics, what time was it??? Great!

    Oh, the Mona Lisa was a big disappointment to me…I mean, they put that damn round thing around it and you’re a billion feet away from it, there’s a billion people wanting to see it, and then there’s GLASS over it?!? Oh yeah, that’s what art’s about…NOT!!!! Anyway, the Louvre is amazing and I loved seeing all the other things (especially the sculptures!!!) except the Mona Lisa ๐Ÿ˜› Still, I feel like I’d have to have at least a whole year to see everything in it!!! But it’s ok, it’s ok, I shall be back before I die!!

    1. I was more impressed by the color of the Mona Lisa. When I see it used in media it usually has a yellow tint to it. The other paintings in the museum were so amazing I couldn’t believe anyone could have the patience to create it.

  54. Your photos makes me want to go on cloudy-ish days so it is not so crowded! =P

    I always wanted to live in another city in another country but I KNOW I will get homesick before I even get on the plane! One of the main reason I did not go to the study abroad program at school. =( [Kind of regretting it though!]

    And it sucks being sick on vacation. But at least you got to go! =)

  55. I am so jealous. I love the pic of you alone with Eiffel Tower. The Monalisa made me think, I need to possess it. Hey thanks for the tour. I dunno if I will visit Paris in my lifetime but I saw Paris so beautifully through your post. Thank you for sharing you experience.

  56. Fantastic blog! Your photos are so sharp and clear – We went to Paris about two years ago and my obsession with returning is growing.

    1. The one we stayed at was cute, Hotel was Hรดtel Vaneau Saint Germain. The people were nice too. We hung out at the lobby using their free internet. There is a subway next to it and markets.

  57. hi monica, i’m from indonesia ๐Ÿ™‚
    wow! great photos, great post! i really wanna go there. what is name for your breakfast? it’s looks delicious. anw, thanks for sharing

    1. You have to visit the little cafe: Cafรฉ Le Dรดme
      47 Avenue La Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, France.
      They have two breakfast specials, which made things easy (since I didn’t know the language.) I got the English breakfast. Yum!

  58. Love the pics. I commend you in fighting through that dreadful jetlag and the cold you know’s coming. My wife and I are going to Paris in June, and I would love to know where that little cafe is where you went to for breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I spent 3 days in Paris, got to see the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower (a friendly Parisian lady escorted me to it), Notre Dame, Arc d’Triompe. If there are any Highlander fans here, check out Saint Louis de Pavre church near Notre Dame. It was Darius’ church in the series.

  60. When I visited Paris, it was in October and no one was visiting. I went to the Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa (there was no glass in front of it, that’s new), and no lines. I went all the way up to the top. Had to take 2 different elevators to get to the top. If you go back, visit Paris in October. All of Paris will be yours.

  61. Paris is the city of heaven. Some of my relatives are living there. Its just full of beauty. I have not yet visited. Hope very soon i will go to my relatives to visit. Nice post. Its a album of beautiful Photos. I like it. Thanks.

  62. absolutely amazing photos! hubby and i went there last year in fall and did exactly the same thing on our first day while walking like a zombie in the city. the photos w/o people are so weird and cool! thanks for capturing such a rare sight!

  63. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Paris one day, but I sure am happy you took me with you through your blog. You’re lucky there weren’t many people when you went to see the tower. Why is that?

    1. My guess was that everyone was sleeping in from their hang over. The day before was St. Patrick’s day. haha. We were up and walking around by 730 am on a Sunday. It was funny cause in the middle of the night I could hear groups of drunk men singing in the streets from my hotel. The neat thing is that they actually sounded good.

  64. So lovely! When I first saw the Eiffel Tower, there was scaffolding all around it and you couldn’t go inside. Such a bummer that was! Looks like you had fun, hope you enjoyed it!

  65. great photos! i’m a photographer that lived in paris last summer, so i feel the language barrier struggle you felt. i wanted to live in paris so badly, until i actually lived there. coming from texas, it was a hard transition. but great photos!!

  66. Ah Paris!
    Your post reminded me of the first time I went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa – I was struck by how small the painting was, and with the crowd all juggling for best shooting position and their flashes reflecting off the security glass, she was mostly obscured from my view. I just have to get back there one day – and I will, being fortunate enough to visit in France every year!

  67. I love Paris~โ™ก
    Paris have many good picture ^^
    I want to go Paris!!!
    Especially I want to go “Notre Damie”.
    I like something like that.
    Thank you for show your picture @-@

  68. I have always wanted to visit Paris and it seemed like I was traveling with you! Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. This is so cute. I love the way you had your pic taken in front of the all the landmarks. “Yes, I really was in Paris!” So glad you took the photo of the Mona Lisa, I saw it 20 years ago, I don’t know if they changed the surrounding area, but it was interesting to see it as part of an exhibit, and take a look at the frame. (Someday that will be one of my paintings, well, you can dream after you’ve seen the Mona Lisa!) I saw Paris in August, when everyone goes away, and most shops were closed. Congrats on FP!

  70. Next time plan at least three weeks… or a lifetime. France is an incredible country with amazing Paris yet outer areas that resemble Italy and I am told with the best health care in the world…Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. Please visit my blog to see my world in images and prose…

  71. What lovely photographs, thank you for sharing them! I know exactly what you mean by Paris making you feel so far away from home, although you used to dream about living there – this is exactly how I felt when I visited it a couple of years ago. But this maybe makes it special in a whole other way! Great trip!

  72. When I went to Paris (also two days) with a tour, they gave us a courtesy coffee in that cafรฉ; here in Venezuela we brag of having the best coffee in the world, and let me tell you…the coffee my mum and I drank in there was overwhelming. Sometimes we remember our trip and that memory never fails to makes us smile.
    As you said, Paris makes me feel so away from home, I wouldn’t live there, but I surely want to come back and go up the Eiffel Tower (because I was feeling awful and couldn’t do it :(, boo).
    Cheers, nice blog and nice photos.

  73. Wow, thank you to everyone who checked out my post! I was overwhelmed when I checked my inbox but was so encouraged by the responds. I loved hearing about everyone’s experience with Paris. It was an honor to be on WordPress fresh page. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Enjoy the day .. Lucky you .. But one thing is for sure … You deserve it .. The images are really good and the camera is awesome …. Bless ya …

  74. Awesome blog about your travels. I love the pictures. I was there 3 years ago and it brings back great memories. I went there when it was January and 45 degrees. Burrr. I got lost in the Louvre and at that point I was hungry and suffered from the jet lag you speak of. I could only sit on one of their benches and cry for fear that I could never find my way out. Poor me. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  75. Really nice pictures, place and everything! Paris is a great place and we have lots of things to do there! That’s the best of the city!!

  76. You really did not have long enough. I have visited this wonderful city many times. Never for more than 4 days at a time and it is never enough. Hopefully your taster will act like a slow fuse and drag you back time and time again. I am pleased that you have managed to get to Paris but now you need to go back and soon.

  77. This is such a cute photo montage! All of your photos from your whirlwind trip are getting my antsy for my trip next year. Any places (aside from the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, as they’re already on my list) that you’d recommend visiting?

  78. I also love Amelie by the way!, What I love more is Paris ๐Ÿ™‚ I have lived there, visited there, and now I miss there, living in NYC… I am so jelous of your beautiful pictures, thank you for taking us on your beautiful holiday!!

  79. It’s always a good time to go to Paris. No matter how many times I travel there I always make new discoveries. Love your pics.

  80. Lovely post and photos. Thank you for sharing your two days with me. I’ve been dreaming of going to Paris for 45 years…hopefully, someday…
    Congrats on being FP! – MoSop

      1. I think you make a very good point, Monica! Sometimes we just have to “do it” or we might lose our opportunity! Hopefully my opportunity has not come and gone. Delta actually opened up direct flights from my city to Paris recently. What more of a “sigh” do I really need?! (other than money, and time, and all the stars aligning themselves…) Well, at least I feel like I’m one step closer to “la Tour Eiffel”!

  81. this was great – makes me want to post some pics of when I was there, back in 2006. Very nice – thank you for sharing these!! by the way…I loved the Louvre!! And the Eiffel Tower was breathtaking.

  82. Reblogged this on MINDFUL-MOD and commented:
    I thought this post was awesome and “fitting” as I just spent 4 days in Paris and 5 days in Monte Carlo. Enjoy

  83. Love your pictures! Many look similar to mine. My family and I took a month-long trip to Belgium a year and a half ago and we took a 3 day side trip to Paris. Amazing! We can’t wait to go back!

  84. Stunning photography of a stunning city. I also toured Paris for two weeks almost exactly a year ago with my husband. It was the vacation of a lifetime. Thanks for bringing me back.

  85. Thanks for sharing. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Paris so I was thrilled to see your beautiful photos. And if you like Paris I think you’ll love Budapest, Prague and Saint Petersburg

  86. I love your brief visit to Paris. I can’t believe you have the busiest and most visited tower in the world all to yourselves. I will took a note of that when we do go. I am just so envious! Loving your shots! ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. seems that u didn’t enjoy Paris as much as u have enjoyed London…. Paris is the dream place for all the artists all over the world… its my dream to go to a such place where people care more for relationship, arts and humanity other than money, wealth or career. next time have a sound sleep before u visiting Monalisa… ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Thanks for the early morning tip for the Eifel Tower..answered one of my questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds Beautuful…I’m going in August…can’t wait!! Thx..

  89. It’s nice to see that our capital is so much appreciated ;). I had the chance to live 1 year in the Big Apple when I was young. It was the same for me at the time : everything was just amazing.
    You share your enthusiasm with so much pation, it gave me strenght to prepare my trip in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mon anglais n’est pas trรจs bon, alors je vous dis au-revoir dans la langue de Voltaire. Bonne continuation c’est un super Blog!

    1. Oh thank you, it must have been a wonderful experience living in Paris. I’ve had the chance to live in Australia and fall in love with it as well. I would say the best part are the Aussies! ๐Ÿ™‚

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