Wedding: Cousin Darlene

My cousin Darlene told me a month ago she was getting married but a part of me didn’t believe her. I then received a text message: “I’m getting married Wednesday.”

It was a different wedding experience since Darlene is one of my close cousins. At times I had to put my camera down to help her tie her dress, call an aunt to pray with her, or jump in the photos my self. I was not only documenting it but I was also apart of it.

When I saw her walking down the aisle with her father, I knew what a miracle that was. We were all witnessing God’s restoration power.

It was nice to see how Alex was taking care of Darlene even up at the altar. When she was about to cry he would make her laugh.

The tricky thing about small weddings is that no one knows what to do next. After the couple was in the foyer, I began to instruct guest to congratulate the happy couple. I laughed to myself as I just became the wedding coordinator. Then I whispered to the bride, “Meet me outside for pictures.”

With everyone wanting to talk to the bride and groom it was up to me to get their attention for photos. I did a few alone shots but then began to involved everyone who was there.

I saw the sun setting and knew I needed to take advance of the beautiful lightning that was available. I pulled my cousin aside with her dad and brother and got some intimate shots.

When I saw my uncle pull up with his old car, I knew it would be great for photos.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



  1. There is something about wedding photos. The emotions I can read through each and every persons eyes. The daughter-father pictures. The kisses [: Thanks for sharing!

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