Interview: Fashion Designer Stephanie Grace Foy

Over the years I’ve used my blog to discover my creativity and voice. I share my journey to help others find there’s. Stephanie Grace is a young fashion designer from the UK. She contacted me from my blog and I asked her for a short interview:

Why did you choose to be a fashion designer?

I never felt like I had a choice. It just seemed natural to want to translate my ideas into fashion. To say I wanted to get just into fashion design would be a lie as my love for pattern cutting lead me to develop my design ethos. I can’t ever imagine doing one without the other. I have a split personality when it comes to my design ethos.

What type of challenges have you had as a creative person and what did you learn from them?

Like most emerging young brands the major challenge is financing your hobby. It is something that needs to be worked on constantly as-well as keeping a creative and very much a business mind. Know your market and your contacts! Considering the climate – you must be business savvy and somewhat of an ideas (wo)man to be able to promote your brand.

You must be willing to remember, that a problem is always going to be your problem! Be prepared to work very, very, very hard.

What are some of your future goals?

The main future goal is to aspire to be an independent fashion business with an identifiable brand. With that come the rewards of loyal customers! The focus will be on sales and production. And in the pipeline, more one-off pieces throughout the season and designing for new collections with a variety of collaborations!

What message do you want your clothes to give?

I wish my clothes to give a strong message, reiterating an independent identity through the wearer. One that hails luxury and comfort with an edge.

What inspires you and why?

Regardless of where I am in life and where I am in my career, there is always time to discover or rediscover your environment. I draw on inspiration from no one thing in particular. I guess my upbringing gave me that understanding of exploring and developing my skills and interests which led me to be a designer/pattern cutter. It gave me the necessary instinct to investigate.

How do you want women to feel when they wear your designs?

Like themselves, a more confident self, that expresses who they are through the clothes that they wear and individually style.

What advice would you give to your age 10 self, if you were able to?

Take your time!

You find more about Stephanie and her designs at  or follow her blog.

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