Wedding: Nick & Karen

The beginning of a new chapter begins in two young lives. As they try to forget the worries of the day, they both prepare to find each other. What started as a glance is now an exchange for a promise.

As the wedding party makes their way down the aisle, the groom is comforted at the sight of his bride’s beauty and grace.

Then the moment begins when vows are going to be exchange. The seriousness in the minister’s voice reminds everyone of the convent that is about to be made. The rings are given, and the reminder of this promise is forever in front of them.

The first few seconds of their new life, they spend it praying, thanking God for each other, asking Him for strength and for His guidance.

The first kiss is witnessed by family and friends. Everyone rushes to congratulate them. Knowing that their lives will never be the same.

The bride shines with happiness and the groom is an awe, wondering if he is dreaming.

They begin to slowly zone out the world, at this moment, they are the only two that matter.

They are induced for the first time as husband and wife.

Speeches from their best man and maid of honor reminded them of the long journey they traveled in order to get to this day. They laugh and cried, never really realizing their love for each other was influencing others around them.

The toast is made and the party begins.

They dance with each other first but know that everyone is eagerer to cut in.

As the night comes to an end, the happy couple is finally at peace. No longer will they have to say good bye at the end of the night but now they get to say good morning.

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