Behind the Scenes: Man Day

The past few weeks the staff at The Rock has been working hard to host an event for men called, “Man Day.” It was the first event I’ve been apart of since being back on staff.

I had the chance to walk around a bit during the first session of Man Day. As I watched a guy hear advice from Pastor Jim, I began to hear the message with different ears. I was realizing how major a man’s responsibility is.

“Any man can follow the world, but a REAL MAN follows God” – P. Jim

This year I made sure my dad came (second to the left). He invited some of the guys from a men’s home he’s been helping. Most of the guys have been in prison and lost their families. It was great to see them in a place where they could find Hope again.

We did a silent audition for a bulldog puppy, they brought the father to show the winner what he would be getting. The father bulldog was so friendly I couldn’t help but hang out with him for a while.

At the end of Man Day we had Water Baptisms. It was so amazing to be part of this moment, I got teary eyed as I witnessed the first day of a new life.


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