We are Upon Something Great

Every year the video team creates an over view video on the life of the church, highlighting what we did and sharing big numbers from our outreach programs.

This year The Rock will be 25 years old. Our creative meeting started like any other meeting, notebooks and pens writing out ideas. We soon realized that our pages weren’t big enough.

Shawn and I looked up to our white board and started pulling off our inspiration pictures. I could feel we were upon something great.

We started to unwind The Rock’s DNA. Pointing out the inciting incidents, the struggles, the conflicts, the victories, the solutions, and the climaxes. The story of The Rock Church was starting to unfold before us. We saw the main characters weren’t our pastors but Christ and His Bride.

Through the years, The Rock has faced major challenges that today we see made us stronger. Developing parts of it’s character we didn’t know we had but was revealed through the years. A church that started with 12 people and now home to 24,0000. A church built in a place that is second poorest in the US next to Detroit, Michigan.

By the end of our brainstorming we could see that God was clearly creating a church that reflected His heart beat. Laid out before us, was God’s plan of Hope for the city of San Bernardino.


photos by Shawn Q and Missy S

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