Team Player to Team Leader

(photo: 2005 a volunteer editor at Hillsong Church, hiding in the basement editing.)

For years I have enjoyed sitting silently behind my computer editing, trying not to bring attention to myself. I like being flawlessly invisible because people only notice the video when there is a mistake.

When I started as an editor at The Rock Church I was invited in to a meeting. I remember sitting there listening to future plans. At one point everyone looked at me as my pastor asked, “Are you willing to take the video department one day?” I sat there thinking, Do you really think I can? I answered him and said, “I think so.”

Now that I am living it, I see a new area in my life being challenged. There are times when the, “one man band” mentality kicks in and I want to do everything myself. I am learning how to invest my time to teach others and allow them to take on the responsibility. When I see them catch on and run with it, I stand back and admire the growth in which I just saw. Its great knowing I am helping build into the lives of others.

The past few weeks I have analyzed other leaders at my church. How they act, talk, and deal with volunteers. Almost like an actor would study a character he is about to become. Our youth pastor said something great to me after we had a meeting with the video department’s first official intern. He said, “How much you put in to this new intern will determine what you get out of him.” As I take the time to teach our intern new skills it allows me to pay attention to other areas. It’s like growing an extra set of hands.

I once saw the manager of Farmer Boys mopping. It was an odd sight, as the manager was in his suit and tie cleaning up, I thought, “Doesn’t he have other important things to do? Shouldn’t he give that to someone who is new at the job?” Seeing that made me take a look at how I was leading.

As the team grows, so does our individual capacity. My goal is to lead by empowering others. Back in 2008 my pastors and leaders saw potential in me, and now its my turn to see it in others.

Author: Moniemuse

I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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