Video: My Hero

The first time I saw Pastor Deborah was at a women’s conference in Sydney, Australia. I was in shock when she said she was from San Bernardino, California. I remember her preaching up a storm at that women’s conference.

Fast forward a few years and now I am in California editing at her church.

As The Rock’s editor, I’ve had the honor to hear first hand what God was putting on her heart for women. After our creative meetings I am always left challenged, inspired and empowered to do more with my life, my videos and most important, to seek God deeper.

For her birthday I wanted to share the story that I see every time I see her. Her legacy and how she has empowered women to take their place as women, wives, mothers, women in ministry and every role a women plays in their life.

She isn’t that fluffy kinda, “I like pink” girl, she is a fireball warrior for Christ. She is a great example of a woman in ministry.

Here is an interview I did with her daughter, Pastor Jess about her Mom, Pastor Deborah Cobrae –

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