Video: Christmas Girls Nite Out

The past few weeks have been pretty busy at work. With all the Christmas events and special services, the video team has been non-stop. It’s amazing to witness just how much each team member’s capacity has grown with every challenges we faced – every battle makes us stronger.

For our Christmas Girls Night Out I was asked to create an opener. The opener’s objective is to set the mood up for the night, and work alongside the message the pastors bring.

Every year Pastor Deborah brings a fresh perspective to Christmas. During one of our creative meetings, she looked at me and said, “I want to tell the story of then and now…” As she went in to detail I wrote down every word she was saying.

The beautiful thing about working with Pastor Deborah is she sets me on a road, gives me a map and trust me to take 3,000 women to the destination where she is at.. Where she is waiting to hand us a word from God.

2012 Girls Night Out Opener – “Then / Now”

That week of GNO was crazy but so worth being apart of. Here is the recap Shawn filmed and I edited.

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