Photos: Miranda’s Save the Date Shoot

Miranda has been one of my favorite girls to use as a model. This shoot was the first one where we had a goal: A portrait to send with her Quinceañera invitations.

In Latin American culture, a Quinceañera is a big celebration when the family presents their daughter as a young woman. These photos are going to be the first that her family will see she is no longer a little girl.

Seeing Miranda all dressed up made me think of when she was two years old, wanting to hang out with me and her older sister when we were 15! We laughed together as we shared funny stories of the crazy things she once did as a toddler.

This was also the first time I used my flash. I bought one a year ago but always been a bit nerves about using it for a paid photoshoot. I was fortunate enough to have Gus with me who helped me hold a reflector and gave me great ideas on where I should point the flash. I was surprise at how well it worked. I was able to get nice back lighting as well as great fill light. After a few test shots, I was back in shooting mode!

After the shoot I was able to capture this great hallmark moment between her and her best friend.

I’m excited to see which photo she chooses for the invites! As always, had great fun with Miranda. She is growing up before our very eyes.

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