Life Lessons from TV

Remember when TV use to teach us valuable life lessons? Full House taught us how to be a family, Save By The Bell showed us how to survive high school, and The Wonder Years brought out those life lessons.

Today, television is full of extreme shocking characters and stories that are so unrelatable, it leaves me returning to reruns. But I know how to be a family, I survived high school and because of The Wonder Years I have a full time narrator in my head.

It’s been a year since I started my position as a media director and lately I’ve been in search of great examples to follow. I’m learning how to supervise and respond professionally basically the old fashion way – trail and error. I searched Netflix for a show who would teach me some life lessons though entertainment and story. Who could I relate to in this 21st century world?

Felicity taught me how to find myself in a big city, but now I’m in need of learning how to be a women in the modern work place. A woman who isn’t afraid to be her awkward self, a woman of authority doing a man’s job. A character who get’s asked weekly if she will ever marry.

2013-07-23 19.46.42
Liz Lemon!
Its a show I never had the chance to finish. As I watched 30 Rock, Liz Lemon ran around the NBC studios trying to fix everyone’s problems, encouraging her staff to be more creative and still trying to maintain a happy personal life. Watching Liz Lemon make mistakes and seeing her overcome them reminded me there is always a solution. That each challenge is a new battle to overcome and another episode of life to enjoy. I don’t know how her journey ends, but I’m sure she’s ends up stronger than ever before.

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