No Pride Allowed

One of the biggest lesson I’ve learned as an editor is – no pride allowed. It took me sometime to understand this but the more I was confronted with my pride the more I had to see the importance of the sacrifice. I have a job to do and I am useless as an editor if I take things personally.
You see, if someone else is paying me to get a job completed, its my job to do the best I can. When an item is cut or never played I can leave the project saying I tried my best and it just didn’t work out. When I am told to go back to the drawing board, I have to remember what the overall goal is.
Its easy to take your creative work personally, after all you are the creator who is pouring heart and time in to it. But in order to move forward, you have to sacrifice some pride. Gather your skills, knowledge, and your experience and be prepared to make a compromise. Its about the greater purpose of the project.
Sacrificing your pride also helps you get better. If you don’t let it get you down, then you can reflect and see where you can approve. Even if you feel you were right, learn your clients style. You are expected to pour your heart and creativity in to a project and to care about your work but don’t get so attach to your version that it limits you. If you want to be an editor, be prepared to grow as a person.

Here is a project I made but was never played. It was a recap of a message series at church.

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