Video: Who is a hero?

The past month I have been working on projects for what we call, “Man Day” at our church. Its an event for the guys to come and be encouraged. This year’s theme was HERO. When we were working on the creative concepts for each project we knew what we didn’t want: super hero. We wanted to tell the stories of the men that have lived a life of true sacrifice and inspiration.
When doing my research for the opener video, I was inspired by the men my generation never heard of. As I read up on each man, I was myself being transformed by their story. Jim Elliot was a name I had heard but when I read about how he gave up his life so that a culture who had never heard of the gospel might learn about the good news, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”
And the answer to that question is why we call them a hero today. And why I call the men in my life my heroes. A hero loves, protects and speak truth into our lives. They live a life of courage.
Heroes are living examples that it can be done but requires a sacrifice not anyone is willing to pay.

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