Apps that make iPad Useful

Of course the first apps I downloaded when I bought the ipad mini were all the social networks. After awhile I started to wonder how could I make my purchase into an investment and make it useful.

It took me a while to figure out which apps I would actually use. I asked around and downloaded apps friends had but after a while I realized I didn’t use them very much.

Its been almost a year and I finally discovered which apps are the most useful. Here is my list.

1. Gmail – I find this app easier to read and delete emails better than the mail app. Its easy to switch from my work email to my personal email.

2. Dropbox – I sync up my phone and ipad photos to automatically upload. Dropbox helps keep my devices be clear of space and act as a back up if anything should happen. Because I have dropbox on my desktop, I can drag and drop my photos on to my back up hard drive whenever I like. I also create folders for co-workers, I can upload photos and send the folder to the web guy.

2. Glo Bible – The most common bible app is youvision, but I find the Glo bible is well designed, easy to take notes, highlight scriptures, and have a reading plan. I enjoy reading off its black background classic two columns pages.

3. Merriam Webster – The large interface on this dictionary app helps me get right to business. It keeps memory of past words looked up and even lets me favorite words. The production voice future is awesome to learn how to pronounce words correctly. This is great when I’m recording voice overs.

4. Podcast – When I’m working hard in After Effects, nothing helps me keep focus more than listening to podcast. The app downloads the latest episodes and lets you stream them. If you don’t know what to listen to, here are my favs: This American life, Snap Judgement, Radio Lab, Relevant, and the newest to me Third Coast International Audio Festival. 

5. WordPress – It took a while to get comfortable writing blog post on an ipad but its been good use to me when I’m on the go. I like the fact its easy to edit and update. Lord knows I’m always correcting sentences days after I write a post.

6. Lost it – Being busy, I forget what I eat and sometimes over eat when I can’t get in to the zone of editing. This helps me keep tracks of the calories and reminds me to eat fruit instead. Its probably the best food tracker out there.

7. VSCOcam – My photo editing app. At first I use to download every editing app out there, I soon realized, I just need one. I use their plug-ins for lightroom and for photo sharing.

8. Flickrphotos – As a photographer, I publish all my photos on flickr. I can search though my sets easily and export my photos to my ipad easily. I can’t carry my 6 boxes of back up disc with me but the flickr app helps me locate my past photos fast.

9. Walmart – I can order all my to-do items at half the price and get them delivered to me! I never have to step foot in Walmart again.

10. Pay Pal – Working freelance this app helps me keep track of payments and transitions. According to the app, you can transfer pay pal money straight to your bank account.

11. Amazon – a given. Everyone needs this app. Makes Christmas shopping and buying books easy!

12. Your bank app- My bank is called Arrowhead, they created their own app. I can transfer money to my parents, or check when something was withdrawn.

13. Bills – This is how I create and keep to a budget. This app reminds me when something is due and the best part is I can use it without linking it to my account. Its worth the dollar to buy this app.

14. Google Drive – I mainly use this app in meetings. It helps me have my team documents right in front of me, and save documents that was emailed to me. I no longer have to search though my email but I can save them to google drive.

15. iTunes U – In the morning I love listening to NPR but sometimes its very negative. So I listen to iTunes U which has archives of Leadership training, and other awesome learning tools.

My guilty pleasure app – Bitstrips.

2013-11-02 10.51.59

Hope you found these app useful – Which apps are you using?


  1. Very cool, i too like the Glo Bible it has improved a lot in the last few years it used to be SUPER slow.

    Also i ditched the apple podcast app for an app called Pocket Casts i like it a lot more.

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