Sutter Family

One of the first things I notice about The Rock Church was it was very multicultural. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the diversity and hearing all the different stories that comes with it. Since working there every video, every picture, I must be mindful of all the different shades of people that goes to The Rock. To us, it’s really important that we show we are not just one type of person church but everyone is welcomed. In developing the look and feel of my photography portfolio website, I too want to carry that belief over.

I noticed my portfolio was missing diversity. So I contacted Facebook friends to see who would respond to my classified add, “Need a family that isn’t Mexican.”

I was grateful that Samantha volunteered her family. Saturday we went out to do some photos. I usually wait for the sun to set or early in the morning but because of schedules we did a right at noon. I thought I would have some challenges because of the lighting but instead found the Sutter’s happiness very contagious. I usually pose people as they are awkwardly trying to adjust to a camera in front of them but capturing them being a family was really easy. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing along with them.

What I wanted most was to capture and create an experience the family would enjoy. I took them to this cute little look out and let them have fun being themselves.

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