The Cost of Success


I am learning the cost of success is my attention. As I’m spending time working on building my new business, I wonder how I would I do this if I were married with children. I remember a TED talk of a lady encouraging career women not to pull back when they start thinking of having a family. For me, I only started to build a career because I was an awkward shy girl who didn’t have a boy to marry. At 19, I figured working and making money would keep me busy until I met the right guy. My outlook on life has grown since then but having a family is still one of my dreams.

I think about the feminist who put the women who are stay a home moms down. As a women who is a leader at my work place, I see the stay a home mom as a luxury and a choice I wish to have one day! And that’s the cool thing about my generation, we have a choice to work, have a family or not have a family. The beauty is we have a choice. If we really want something we can work towards getting it. If we want a relationship, we can start by allowing ourselves to get to know someone new.

As of now, I have extra attention I can give to building my team, business, and relationships. I have seen as I allow myself to grow my capacity gets larger. I have to keep up the faith. I start, move and finish. Being a successful mom or successful career women cost the same thing – attention. I want to be successful in what ever season I am in and wherever I am at. Give what you love some attention and there you will find success.


  1. Great post! I couldn’t agree with you more. I like that women have so many opportunities in business and career, but I think the feminist thought went too far when they think that woman cannot just be a mom and a wife. I don’t think it’s embarrassing. I think it’s a triumph of a woman too. Bottom line, this is her purpose in nature. It’s great that women can choose now, but I think people should appreciate both sides of the spectrum and balance the two. Go out and do stuff! But don’t forget the way nature intended things to be.

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