We are Women Leaders

8242822348_721169aebc_oWhen I first volunteered in the video department, there was a point when I was the only girl. I remember trying to encourage the last girl to stay on the team. I felt alone but I knew I was where I belonged and hoped I could encouraged other girls to join the team. When I was promoted as head over the video department, I wasn’t sure how the volunteers would accept me, most of them where men. Overtime, the teams of people slowly changed and new people signed up and I made sure to put a photo of a girl running camera on the cover. When one women came to see me to sign up she asked, “Is this a man’s job?” I of course said, “No, women can do it too, I’m actually ahead of the video department.”

I am proud to say we now have 13 women and 23 men on the team. I see how being apart of the video team has helped some girls come out of their shells. It’s given those who are naturally shy a voice and a community of people to be apart of. I love when I see new friendships developing. I realized I was able to be that example for other women, that they can do video production too. I am thankful to be part of a church that saw potential in me when I couldn’t see it. Now as a leader, it’s our job to do the same, no matter their gender or age.


  1. I love this! I feel the same way working in a male dominate field myself. Sometimes it can be a bit intemidating. Good for you. I love seeing positive women rolemodels.

  2. I always feel that women make better editors, though there really aren’t that many female editors (in London, anyways). Historically editors started as women because it was assumed to be like sewing film together therefore for women. Personally I feel they make better editors because they are, in general, more patient.

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