Raising your Quality


There comes a point in every creative’s life when it seem one’s reach their creative peak. Breaking pass that becomes a frustrating goal to achieve. There are so many tricks you can play on yourself to get you up to that new level: travel, new equipment, a new spark of inspiration but for me, it was when I overcame my fear.

When it came to being a photographer, I was scared to raise my rates, become an official business, and to put myself out there to my friends and family. Deep down, I didn’t think I was good enough photographer. After all, I was self taught, I had no degree behind me and everyone out there thinks their a photographer too.

It’s not until I stepped out in faith, overcame my fears, and  build up the confidence, did I see the quality of my work get better. My energy for taking photos grew, creative ideas started coming at me like a flood and I was growing business skills that I’ve been trying to achieve for years. What was holding me back was my fear.

Overcome what’s scaring you.

My latest shoot –  Jeanae Senior Photos. See more here.


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