The power of the Thumbnails

Sometimes the best way to come up with an idea is to use a paper and pencil to draw it out. It allows you to use your imagination and see if something will work. The big movie studios do this, indie films, and other creative fields.

Thumbnail ScriptAs the creator, we know exactly what we want and what shots to get which makes us not bother with thumbnails but because this video idea involved a budget, I have to communicate the idea in order to get approval. I found an artist, (our graphic designer,) and told him my shot list.

After the idea was approved, I set out to go filming. It turns out I used the thumbnails to show my actor, my stunt double and horse trainer what I was trying to achieve. It also helped me as I was filming to get all my shots, and to see out how I was going to do that. They helped keep me on track and capture exactly what I had imagined.

With some “executive producer” comments, I was able to produce something the guys at my church would enjoy.

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