Language of Faith


IMG_3804Learning the language of faith feels like reading words backwards. It goes against every thought in the mind. When you speak the language out loud, its as if you start to walk towards the sky, flying above all that you’ve ever known to be reality.

The language of God doesn’t have the words like, “I feel” and “I think”. In the end, it has nothing to do with our power but the power given to us. The knowledge is freely given but cost everything you’ve ever known. What you thought was true suddenly becomes flawed. It awakens a part of your brain you didn’t know existed. You can physically feel the differences in your being when you speak this language. My self confidence of, I can do anything transforms to, He already did it all.

The language of faith is the language that existed before breath was given. It’s not of words or symbols but a reality that exists beyond what we see. It has no timeline, it always is and always was. Its a language anyone can learn but only few use. It reminds me I know nothing and yet tells me the mysteries of His will have been made known. The language expresses how much we are valued that we were indeed worth it all. The language of faith is a language that goes beyond all we know and goes beyond all we see.


music by: To Our God – Bethel Music


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