The Client’s Vision

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.50.53 AMThere is no wrong answer when it comes to creating, it becomes what feels like you’re wrong when you are creating something for a client and they disapprove. No one enjoys hearing, “I don’t like that” or “It’s not what I want.” What I’ve learned through out the years of creativity and making it into a career, is that I am the listener and the client is the dreamer.

The client has an idea in their head and wishes to transport it. Once in a while you meet up with someone who knows exactly what they want. Most of the time, it’s a guessing game. In both cases, there can be a lot of back and forth, fine tuning the project to match what the dreamer sees.

For a recent project, the description I received was make the promo fun, and to resemble a t-shirt ad the submitter saw. When I tracked down the image, I was able to get a glibs of what style to go towards. When I completed the project and send it to be looked at, the submitter gave me some changes that she wanted, it wasn’t what the dreamer dreamt.

I realized that the first video I sent her wasn’t wrong it was just a different than she wanted. It was a matter of preference. Both promos would catch the attention and deviled the same message.

As an artist and a creative person, feed back and changes isn’t a bad thing and shouldn’t be taken personally. As the editor, you are putting the puzzle and your goal is to deliver a finish product the client loves. Of course, everyone loves hitting a home run, which is always the goal but getting on base is just as important. I am learning to ask more questions and include the submitter in the creative process.

First Draft –

Final –

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