Summer Bookshelf

I’ve been obsess with reading books and listening to audio books. This summer if you hung out with me, you would have heard, “There’s this book I’m reading about..”  My friend who just passed the bar said with great concern, “Wow, you’re reading a lot of books.” I laughed because yes, I was becoming that Portlandia skit of, “Have you read…” Look it up if you haven’t seen it, super funny. Well, here is my summer reading list. I found every book life changing and insightful!

41k9x2bg6RL._AA160_ The 5 elements of Effective Thinking

was mentioned by a rich successful guy during an interview that I heard on the radio. He mentioned it super fast, and once I got home I downloaded it. I loved the simple principle it gave. Over all, “Understanding things deeply.” Which lead me on this race to read every book I hear a successful person mention. I liked when the author said, “Be Honest with what you don’t know and on the missing parts.” So many times I allow unknown knowledge become a handicap, but the key is to improve understanding.

51KEubrpFkL._AA160_Linchpin was yet again mention on a podcast.

I am on my second listen. I enjoyed the encouragement it gave to become the linchpin at everything you do. To hold things together and become an artist in the office or where you find yourself working. It’s a choice to put my humanity, and heart into my work to make it in to a price of art. Sounds crazy? Yeah, as a creative, I’ve put what I’ve been learning to discover this is what my job ask of me. I am grateful I work as a place that embraces making a difference. “You have an opportunity to enjoy what you do, make a difference and to unlock the genius inside you.”

51mA7IoWUIL._AA160_ I discovered Jesus, -A pilgrimage at a bookstore in Santa Cruz.

The book was so thick, I thought to myself, “There has to be some more information about Jesus that I don’t know about.” I was right – and fall in love with this book. Father James Martin walks us through his journey into the holy land while asking questions and seeing sights where the gospel took place. I read about Jesus home town, what it looked like and what type of people Jesus grew up with. His community, his culture, – learning the context He was living in brought the text in the bible to life. This book brought Jesus to life for me. “As I stood under the broiling sun, I was gobsmacked to see rocks, thorns, and fertile ground. No one planted the thorn bushes, carted in topsoil, or arranged the stones to make the locale look as it did in Jesus’ time, as if we were in the theme park called Jesus Land. They where just there. It dawned on me that when Jesus used objects from nature to convey his message – seeds, rocks, birds, clouds, water – he may not have been talking in generalities, but about these things right here.” 

51Ml+jD9l3L._AA160_The Power of Habits was to understand the science behind the habits.

Not only to create new healthy habits but to understand our currently ones. We have cue’s that make us do task that give us rewards. “How WILL power becomes a habit, by choosing a certain behavior and following that routine when inflection points happens.” Basically this book showed me how to trick my brain into going to the gym, “When a person goes to the gym, they receive a reward that will make them feel better about themselves, causing them to make better decisions about their spend, the food they eat, causing them to achieving their goals.” [paraphrase]

41zz9A8RF8L._AA160_My So-Called Freelance Life was very wordy and chatty.

I tested out my speed reading on this book. The largest take away, to start a job when you received all the information for it instead of creating something with vague descriptions. Gather the content. Over communicate professionally and limit emails- emails take time to write and read, use it when necessary. For me, if I know the person is in the office, I stop by their office to ask them my short questions. To create your freelance price – do you research. What would it cost if you where going to hire yourself, google it and then work from there. “People are not necessarily going to remember how much something cost but they’re going to remember your attitude and how they felt when they went through the process with you.”

51YUixmUSXL._AA160_ I bought, Boys Should Be Boys for my sister but couldn’t help to read it first.

Reading this book help me discover so much about the men in my life. Their development or lack of. The importance of nature of a boy’s father and mother. How each are equally important into a boy’s life into becoming a man. I loved reading the hope God can give to a man who might have had a troubling childhood with their father or mother. “They know that they have a place in the universe despite every failure. They know that God cares and can understand their thoughts and fears when no one else can. Restoring a boy’s fallen spirit is a monumental task and everybody knows it. Giving a boy the security of God, the God that will always see him and always love him is the defense parents can offer up their child.”

Over all – take time to pay attention to your current interest. As you see, my reading list was random, but in a strange way – all connect.

Author: Moniemuse

I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Summer Bookshelf”

  1. As I was reading this post, I noticed that you had mentioned one of the books from being from the bookshop in Santa Cruz. I’m a local near the area, are you as well?

    1. Oh hey! Our road trip destination was Santa Cruz. I really liked it there, I’m from the San Bernardino area in Southern California. I really enjoy the Northern California area. Did you grow up there?

      1. Actually in Watsonville. Which is only 15 minutes away, but ive spent majority of my time in Santa Cruz. Almost a weekend thing every weekend

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