The Last Post

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I first started blogging in 2009 when I felt like I could no longer ‘fly’ as a person. Of course, I use the term ‘fly’ as a metaphor for feeling like anything is possible. I’ve always admired the birds for living a life of freedom, the ability to fly anywhere. It took me traveling across the world to discover the little brown birds I see in my backyard are very different to the large white birds that appear in my backyard in Australia. I guess not every bird has the ability to fly all over the world, nor do they desire to.

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Blogging was an outlet, it connected me with others who felt the same way as myself. I started off with 4 followers; veronica, and three other close friends. I wrote shyly at first as if I didn’t want to bother anyone. But I soon wrote more and became more honest when people would share how a post spoke into their lives.

Through the years I’ve grown and develop into a leader that I never thought possible. As an invert, all I wanted in life was to work alone, I thought an editor was the perfect profession for that. haha. I had to overcome thinking just about my job. When I felt incapable, I thought it was other’s judgements, but I was the main person who questioned my ability most and it was my feelings that held me back from success. I had to prove to myself the limitations I was feeling were wrong.

I am in a current position in life of not knowing the future plan, which usually I have an idea, anything can happen and I am hoping it will. I am having to let go of knowing and having it all together in order to hear from God. In order to trust in Him, and in order to grow my faith.

I once asked a guy who was thirty-five what he’s learned form his thirties. He told me, “Now I have the ability to do everything by myself that I feel like I no longer need God. I gotta remind myself of how much I really do need him.” His honest answer always stuck with me. Yes, I can plan my life and plan every moment of the day, but what I really want is to fulfill God’s plan, and usually his plan involves character building.

And my character is being challenge every moment of the day. It’s up to me what kind of person I want to be, a servant of all and die to my desires and take the time to look beyond myself.  I use to think my creativity was the muscle I needed to build most, but really it’s my heart because out of the abundance of my heart – it crates.

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I remember everyone who emailed me who were “strangers” but became friends. I loved reading about your journey and your hopes for the future. If you remember anything from me as a creative, it isn’t follow your dreams, or be yourself, or even change the world – its serve one another, and follow the dream God has for your life. I promise those two action steps will never fail you. I’ll write every so often, but until then..



If you’ll like to ready my first blog post. Money can’t buy Creative Passion , and you start reading my blog post from there, visit some broken links haha and you’ll witness the transformation. Let that be encouragement to you -the possibilities of your development as a creative is endless and where ever you are at now, its for a season – life changes too fast to notice.


  1. Aw, sad to hear you won’t be writing anymore! It’s been fun and insightful reading your posts over the years, Monica. Thanks for sharing and being open. I really like this sentence from what you wrote above: “I used to think my creativity was the muscle I needed to build most, but really it’s my heart because out of the abundance of my heart – it creates.” So true. Thank you for the reminder.

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