Hollyhawk Photoshoot

I started learning photography when I saw there was need for it at work. I was new to working at a large church, and I wanted to start showing the faces that call the church home. That was eight years ago, and since then I found the skill of photography very beneficial.

I get to interact with new people, bond with those who are in front of the camera, and create memories. The women’s ministry at church needed some fresh new photos. I wanted to capture a carefree feel and knew going outdoors was the perfect place to make that happen. My church has this great place called the Hollyhawk House, its green and full of great spots to gather for a photo. I took the advice of a pro, “You’re not saving the world, you’re taking a photo, so relax and make those around you feel comfortable.” So I pass that on to you too.

IMG_0002 IMG_0024 IMG_0086 IMG_0128 IMG_0151 IMG_0290 IMG_0314  IMG_5715 IMG_0435 IMG_9857IMG_9773IMG_9767  IMG_9917 IMG_9954IMG_9983

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