Video: Arise Opener

If you’ve never been to a large conference of any kind, then you probably never heard of the production term –an opener. An opener is used to open up the theme of the conference, it’s to deliver the overall message you want those who are there to learn and understand. As a visual artist, this holds a large responsibility.

In the brainstorm meetings, ideas pour in, but when its all filmed and placed on the timeline, the message is either understood or its lost. With a creative timeline ticking, and deadlines screaming, there has never been much room for attempt number 2. This year, I got my attempt number 2 opportunity. The first filming I did for this video was a big miss! The time of the day was wrong, the ideas that others poured into the concept caused the overall thought to be lost, and it just wasn’t working.

I was given a challenge, “Do you think you can make the original idea happen?” I wasn’t sure but I knew I had to try. I research location, I asked for help, I asked for an evening shoot, and I push my way to make it happen. My largest challenge was to some how light a lantern and not light anything else on fire. I bargained and came up with a creative plan to keep the filming safe where everyone was at peace.

This project was probably my most challenging, because every second of it seemed like it wasn’t going to work. I had to keep pushing through, and have confidence for my actors and team that it was all working. I am very thankful of all the help each and everyone put into making this opener work. I met the deadline, the theme was communicated, and the conference opened up with great excitement and beauty.

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