I pray.


I pray for the generation I am a part of. I think about the impact our actions have on each other. I like to think about the days when we had our innocence, playing outside until the sunset. Now as grown ups, we have chosen our path and some have decided to hate. What can I, one person do in a world that can seem so evil?

I pray.

I pray for those who live in cities, villages and towns that are in the middle of war zones. Those who no longer feel safe in their own home, looking out their windows for refuge. I stand in shock as my own city struggles to make scenes of the deadly shooting that has now made us famous. What can I do as I watch fear over take the hearts of many.

I pray.

I pray for those who don’t know me but I seem them on the news, I read about them in articles, I hear about them on podcast. Their stories echo inside me as I live my life of peace, and beauty. May they too one day know the Father in Heaven who watches over them and see’s them.

I pray even though it might seem too late.

I pray for the young person who is not yet my age and all seems hopeless. Not knowing their purpose and place in the world. Unsure if they will ever love again and be able to give their heart away to another. They look towards the future and not sure how they will make a living out of the small seed they have in their hand called a dream. I recall stories of young people giving up, and I think to myself if only I could share my heart with them.

I pray.

I pray as I cross to other side of the unknown. I listen to the thoughts of God, and allow His peace to comfort me as I read His words. He has given me hope, He has given me His heart, His son, and everything in between heaven and earth in order to know me and I know Him.

What was once broken, has been restored.

I pray even though others don’t understand. I not only see the answers, but I am living inside them. And when it may seems like hope is gone, I will pray.


I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

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