Reaction to Fashion 

 There comes a time to not just embrace adulthood by paying your bills on time but to look the part. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with fashion. I have been through many embarrassing phases, but for the most part I’ve always return to jeans, t-shirt and sandals.

The wake up call  

I woke up with the bright idea to take my passport photo. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked good enough. When I paid the newly trained Walgreens photo taker, I prayed the photo would be something to be proud of as I traveled the international boarders. When I opened my photo I was horrified at how gross my hair, make-up and for some reason how my neck came out. I couldn’t understand what was happening, is this my new reality? I use to take such great photos!

The next day I booked a hair appointment and bought a fashion book at my favorite store, anthropology.

Sick of jeans! 

I’ve been wearing jeans everyday since I turned 25. Working in production, I have to move things around, which means bending down a lot. (The low waisted jeans was a horrible trend that I’m grateful phased out.) I’ve always dressed to work with a just in case I gotta bend down outfit, leaving me with limited options. One day getting ready for work I looked though my closet for a skirt and leggings.

Walking around the office I wasn’t sure if I was wearing the right outfit for my position. “What if my co workers sees me as incapable of being a boss became I’m dress like a girl.”

Alice Von Hildebrand writes the importance of femininity in the world in her book A man and woman: a divine invention. The world is in need of our heart in the work place. I don’t need to ignore my femininity in order to become successful.

With that in mind, I changed the way I was thinking about dressing at work. Love, style, life taught me I can dress like a woman, be comfortable and be modest all at the same time.

Alice Von Hildebrand says mystery makes a woman even more beautiful.

(More on that book later.)

Reaction to good fashion 

Reading Love, Style, Life was fun, it made me feel cool and most of all possible I could be fashionable like a Parisian. The most liberating information was to find clothing that you look good in and not fall into fashion trends. I admit I was following a fashion trend that kept making me look fat in photos!

With my new empowers knowledge I went to the mall and bought some new clothes. I studied the photos of author Garance Doré make up, watched YouTube for how to’s.

Store people were complementing me, one cashier even said, “you look so well put together.” My fiancé took me out on a date the moment I changed out of my yoga pants and into my new cute outfit, haha, and my coworkers were noticed my efforts – and I work with men who notice nothing! “Hey you colored your hair.” -They all felt proud for noticing. Suddenly I was walking with confidence and a new found glory. I even had the confidence to talk in front of people at our staff meeting.


Its nice to put it effort in appearance, and to learn how to do so. For some girls, (like my sister Sarah) they always seems to look good, but for a woman of comfort like myself, it takes a bad passport photo to get my attention.

It’s fun to look good, now I think I’m ready for my new passport photo.

Here is my test shot after I read the chapter. “How to take a good photo.”  

Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. I’m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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