A new phase of life.

So I’ve been in this stage where I really have no idea what to do, Jesus and Spiderman’s uncle both agree when they said, “To much is given, much is required.” It’s true, lots of work is required.


Everyday, put in time

When our landlords approved Gus and I to be the next renters, we were in shock we were really going to have a place of our own. Four years ago I said yes to a movie invite and now I’m signing papers to rent a place with this boy! Its been a fun/growing experience dating Gus and now here we are given this empty house to make it our home. I do admit, I freaked out.. what did I do!? I was fine at my parent’s house.. I know, I know, they can’t take care of me forever, its time to grow up! I was overwhelmed with the challenge, I’ve never been good at house chores, I can lead a team but put a pan and stove in front of me and I’m clueless. I do appreciate living in 2016, I can youtube how to clean a stove and get advice from someone across the country.

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My new neighbors keep asking me if we’ve moved in yet. Its been a month and we’re still moving in. It’s been a big job making our new place feel like home with nothing. Every lunch break I’ve been adding more to the place, and its starting to feel more like our home, even with our two chairs and a lamp.

There’s no time to be afraid or pretend

At work, every creative meeting since 2007 someone has suggested, “Lets rent a projector.. what about a LED screen, -how much would that cost us??? This year the same thing was asked but instead I approached the question with some faith instead of with impossibility.  I’m going to keep looking until I find a deal. I called lots of places, and asked friends who know of others who have gotten a screen at their church. I managed to track down a guy who helped Hillsong LA get their LED screen.

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The day the insulation was completed we had service, which meant, the video department needed to put content on those screens – but what?? We all had a million questions and no one to ask them but each other. I remember looking at the screens and wondering what am I gonna do with these? At one point I asked one of our interns what should we put on the side panels? I was disparate for ideas! She gave a simple answer which ended up being a great idea, place welcome graphics.  Adding LED screens to a church service can be a fine line of distraction and entertainment. We weren’t sure how the church would react to it, after all, LED screen is a very modern addition to the church experience.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThere was lots to work out; size for the graphics, transitions between each part of service, motion graphics that wouldn’t make people feel sick, how large the font should be – there was no other way of figuring this out but to go live. We couldn’t wait to be told what to do, we just had to figure it out. We didn’t have time to be afraid or to pretend like we had the answers, the whole team was learning this together.


Pray and working together

With both of these large challenges I realized early on during the process I was given a big job for me to do on my own. I needed God’s wisdom, courage, and brain power to tackle the exciting new phases I was crossing into in my personal life and professional life.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

No one in the video department had any experience with LED screens. We had to learn new  software, hardware and new equipment. We had to work closely with the audio, lights, and worship department. Together, we’ve been helping each other and to this day, we are still trying out new formats and smoothing production.

When it comes to doing house stuff, I remind myself of the success I’ve had at work and how God has helped me. If I can figure out how to work an LED wall, I can put up curtains and take out the trash. Although I must admit, I had to ask my dad for help with the curtains. haha. I don’t mind asking for help, just ask the video team. Its when we work together are we strong and great!

One thing is for sure, God helps with every challenge and makes us able.

Author: Moniemuse

I enjoy making videos and taking photos. I’m married and have a little girl. I love being creative, it helps me process life and my thoughts. I make YouTube videos about my record collection and music. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.

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