Photography: Getting back in the game

At the end of last year I started to receive request to take photos. I would tell people I don’t really take photos anymore. The more I said no, the more request kept coming. Around the same time the new iPhone was going to be released. I figured I would do a few shoots to save up for a phone.


As soon as I started to accept work again, the request started to flood in. Every weekend I was busy doing photoshoots. As I started to save up money, my dreams for what I could do with that cash grew.

My eyes were now on a new camera. My passion to take photos was awaken. Money caught my attention but once I started to spending time with people, taking their photos and seeing their face light up when they saw their photos, I started to fall in love with the art again. Maybe it was because my confidence was low, and I needed work to get the blood flowing again.

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