How to use the Lightroom app and create presents by using a reference photo

I share how to use the Lightroom app on your phone and create your own presets based inspiration you find from other pictures,  creating your own unique look will help your Instagram account. Editing your photos based on inspiration will help you start with a style you like and learn to tweak the settings.

Its good to spend time creating your own presets in the photo editing app you use the most in order to build your style and brand your look. I like bright colors and contrast in the black, but not losing too much details in them. I usually shot in the day and use natural day light so my presets will work as I start to use it more. I never gave my instagram account much thought until I started to create for youtube and people who I didn’t know followed me. I wanted to start all over but not lose my personal memories on my other account, so I just made a new one: moniemusepro, it giving me a second chance to create a more cohesive look. It also lets me share about the things I am passionate about like creativity, graphic design, and video editing with out my aunt asking me how my mom doing on the post 🙂 haha can I get an amen!

My Preset settings:
Espouser +.64
Contrast +83
Highlights -17
Shadows +6
Whites -27
Blacks +99

Temp -3
Tint -11
Vibrance +13
Saturation +17

Red Hue -32, Saturation -10, Luminance +27
Orange Red Hue -9, Saturation -+12, Luminance +23
Yellow Red Hue -23, Saturation -34, Luminance +29
Green Hue -12, Saturation -71, Luminance +52
Teal, Blue, Purples 0

Effects 0

Sharpening 95
Detail 49

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