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Monica B Lopez – I started my career as a graphic designer, took classes and learned web design in 2001. After completing an internship at Warner Brothers, I knew anything was possible with God. He was the one who was going to put me in places where I could use my creativity to inspire my generation.

I went back to school to learn how to edit videos (pre-youtube.) I graduated college with a Bachelors in communications. My dream was to go to bible college, so that summer I flew to Sydney Australia and enrolled at Hillsong International College and attended their TV and Media program. God had made a way financially for me to go to school, paid in full and cost of living taken care of!

Returning to California, I was totally lost. I worked for local production companies and found no joy in the content they were producing. I search for a job that had a purpose I could believe in. I started to attend The Rock Church and World Outreach Center, and was soon hired as their graphic designer. Through the years moved up in position, and now the video department director over a great team of three young creative people. Together, we create an experience every week that tells the story of God’s love using our creativity and technical skills.

I am now married to Gus, who we met at The Rock. He is also involved in television production, he travels the world and once in a while I join him on his adventures. I use to blog every week, but now do it when I have something to share.

As for what is next.. I have no idea but God has never let me down – in fact he always impresses me what he can do with someone who is willing.



Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 9.01.08 PM@moniemuse

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.08.58 PM@moniemuse


  1. Your last few sentences really resonate with me as I set out to find my own “purpose” for my blog and to find my own sense of freedom of expression. I love your work.

    Always be free!

  2. I’ve had a 7D for about a year now….wish I still had my old 30D. Hopefully a course on the 7D will restore my confidence – I feel like I have stepped backwards with what is supposed to a great bit of kit.

  3. You have an impressive resume and a fun blog! Hmm, so you’re in San Bernardino. Maybe you know Phil Yeh? He’s the founder and editor of UNCLE JAM, an arts and literacy magazine based out of San Bernardino.

    1. Thanks Henry, I’ve never heard of Phil but I’m interested to find out more! I’ll look him up. The creative community is small here, so it’s good for us to stick together !

  4. Hey! it’s been good to read your blog.. Good writing, simple yet effective.. Will be coming back for more. Thanks..
    Su (moipensieve.com)

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