Thrift store Hunting for Music FAIL

I go on a thrift store adventure to add some records into my vinly collection. I began to see a trend when finding cd’s at my local goodwills. I document another trip to goodwill to see if I have better luck with the hunt. I did manage to add one album and cd to my collection. 1. SnowFall, The Tony Bennett Christmas Album 2. My So Called Life Soundtrack, 1994 3. Enya, A Day without Rain 2000

Goodwill Searching for Music

We go on another thrift store hunt for vinly records and cds, in search for music to add to our record collection. We have some luck this time around and add some classic rock albums as well as a solo album from one of my favorite artist duo. Album mentioned: Fleetwood Mac, Rumours The Doobie Brothers, Minute by Minute Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water Art Garfunkel, Fate for Breakfast Three Dog Nights, Suitable for Framing Huey Lewis and the News, Sports

Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 – RSD Vinly Finds

This year I participated in Record Store Day and hunted for some new and used records. We decided to visit Rhino Records in Claremont. I managed to find records I have been looking for. The record store was fully stocked with their Black Friday releases, I ended up finding a great recommendation Love Story from 1970, and a friend recommended singer songwriter, Nick Drake record called Bryter Layter. It’ll be my Christmas gift.

The Chamber Bro†hers, New Generation 1971

DeVotchKa, This Night Falls Forever 2018

Sigur Rós, () United 2002

Love Story Soundtrack 1970

Nick Drake, Bryter Layter 1970

End of Year Must Have Records from 2019

This week’s episode I share my end of year must have records from 2019 and new releases to look out for in 2020 and what to add to your vinyl collection. These are some of my favorite artist, and albums of 2019 and share some updates from these bands and artist. 1. Coldplay, Everyday life (2019) 2. Tame Impala, Currents – NEW ALBUM, The Slow Rush, 2020 – Singles: Borderline (2019) & It Might Be Time (2019) available for download 3. Days of Bagnold Summer Soundtrack, Belle and Sebastian (2019) 4. Bellie Eilish, Don’t Smile at Me Ep (2017) – Ocean Eyes – Bellyache – Everything I wanted (2019) available for download When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (2019)

A Pro Musician Record Collection

I visit with my friend Cameron Ruffin and take a tour of his music room and check out his record collection. As a professional guitarist he has been a music collector since a kid. His taste is a mix of classic rock, jazz, modern pop to guitar instrumentals. Be inspired and introduced to bands and musicians you may have heard of but never really looked into, and hear how great each one is, that its worth collecting!

Cameron playlist… 

Cameron Song 

Albums in Cameron’s Collection Charlie Hunter, Guitarist Norah Jones, Feels like Home Johnny Winter, Second Winter Edgar Winter, They Only Come Out at Night Jimi Jendrix, Are you Experienced The Family that Plays Together David Lee Roth, Eat ‘Em and Smiles Van Halen The Isley Brothers Esperanza Spalding, Exposure Johnny Lang, Signs Ben Harper and Relentless, White Lies for Dark Times John Mayer, Born and Raised Bob Marley, Kaya Perl Jam, Ten Pink Floyd, Animals Beach Boys, Holland Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction Stone Temple Pilots, Purple Herbie Hancock, River Doyle Bramhall Jeff Buckley, You and I David Ryan Harris, Lightyears Foo Fighters, Wasting Light The Black Crowes, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion Gary Clark Jr, This Land Coldplay, Ghost Stories Dave Matthews Band, Crash

Two Female Artist Worth Collecting

The past few weeks I’ve been on a search for artist to add to my vinyl collection. I came across a Spanish song writter, Jeanette from the late 1960’s. She has a 60’s pop folk sound to her, and her voice has a dreamy sound to it. Jeanette Playlist… I came across Margo Guryan at a record shop called Burger Records. I took a chance on the album since I never heard of her. I was pleased to find out she also has a cool 60’s pop sound to her voice, and style. She studied jazz and you hear that influence. She has two albums worth checking out, Take a Picture & 27 Demos Margo Playlist…

Looking for music and vinyls

I go on a music hunt to find vinly records, and cds to add to my collection. While on vacition I visit college town, downtown Fullerton. I find some great cds at the F.y.e music and movie store, check out target’s music section, and then discover a little record shop hidding called Burger Records which has some popluar albums as well as some unique finds. Come with me as I share the music I bought, and enjoy a little music haul.

My Favorite Albums: The Albums that Changed Everything

I share the vinyl records that changed it all for me and introduced me to a new genre of music. I discovered these albums while in college and they introduce to me new artist that I still listen to almost 20 years later. Postal Service is the first album that introduced me to indie rock


Great interview to watch:… 

Garden State Soundtrack was the album that introduced so many new artist to me. It’s full of songs that changed my life. Youtube’s Garden State playlist:…

Finding New Albums & Sharing Hidden Gems

Leeah story I ask my good friend Leeah about who is she listening to now a days. We’ve always had similar music taste and have shared indie rock bands with each other. I knew she would introduce me to some new artist that I haven’t heard of that I could add to my 2019 music playlist as well as my music library. I hope this episode also introduces to some new artist as well, as a music collector, I always enjoy adding new music to my collection.

1. Broadcast (the band) 

2. Dirty Projectors 

3. Durand jones & the indications 

Watch Leeah’s backstory here –

Story time: Sharing Vinyl Collection with Friend Angel Huertas

I interview my friend Angel and he shares his most unique vinyls in his collection. He shares his favorite political movement records: Los Guaraguao from 1973 Albizu Campos Speaks released 1973 And favorite hopeless romantic albums by Dashboard Confessional released 2006 The first album he heard Christian cuss in their music and struggle with their faith Pedro the Lion released 2004 One of his unique albums that he has in his collection is Mr. Rogers before he was Mr. Roger Josie Carey and Fred Rogers released 1958 Plus a few more mentions of his favorite albums from his 400 vinyls that he owns and has collected from his travels around the world. 

Vinly Collection Favorite Indie Songwriters

I want to share with you my favorite Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver albums, I also noticed they’re albums that have helped me during difficult times in my life of lost, loneliness and brokenness. The albums are hopeful and beautifully written that will leave you feeling hopeful. 1. Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell (2015) 2. Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago (2007) 3. Bon Iver, i,i (2019)

My Husband Top 5 Records in his Vinyl Collection

I ask my husband to share with me his top 5 favorite albums that he owns and why he added them to his collection. He shares with me some of his 70’s classic albums like Heatwave / Central Heating (1978) and his 80’s favorite band Queen. He likes to thrift his albums and find them at a discounted price at Goodwills. 1 Heatwave / Central Heating (1978) 2 Stevie Wonder / Innervisions (1973) 3 Calvin Harris / Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 (2017) 4 Queen / Greatest Hits (1981) 5 Wu-Tang Clan / Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993) BONUS album Barry White / Barry White’s Greatest Hits (1975)